Calf troughs & calf feeding pails for calf rearing

Here you will find a great calf and calf pail selection for rearing your calves. In addition to plastic drinking throughs, you will also find the practical Multi-Feeder drinking trough for the simultaneous drinking of several calves. You can also buy calf bottles, injection syringes and drencher in our calf drinking bowls & teats category at low prices.

Calf suckers - from latex to silicone to rubber

Calf suckers are an important component and a regular consumable part of a calf cane bucket. Here you will find replacement vacuums for all common calf troughs in different materials and colors:

  • Calf sucker latex
  • Calf sucker rubber
  • Calf suction rubber
  • Käbersauger silicone

The super-teat (red) is the proven standard teat. The Vital-Sauger (black) promotes a natural sucking behavior. By slow and compared to other suckers strenuous sucking, the suction is better satisfied. Increases saliva production and thus promotes digestion. The natural rubber sucker (beige) is especially suitable for young calves.

Further products for calves such as obstetricians, calf milk heaters or calf house can also be found at a favourable price in our shop. You will also find calf feed and beef fattening feed in our feed shop.