Why shear cattle?

A question that appears every year in the cattle sheds. Should cattle be sheared?

There is a very simple answer: YES!

The explanation: On the one hand the shearing has a positive effect on the well-being of the animals and on the other hand it is said among breeders: "Well styled is half won". When and how often cattle should be sheared depends on the husbandry, the weather and the coat of the animals. With a professional shearing machine for cattle this work is made much easier. In our shop you will find cattle clippers from renowned manufacturers such as Aesculap, Kerbl, Heiniger and WAHL, which reflect power, a high level of operating comfort and the latest state of the art in one device.

The care shearing of cattle

A care shearing not only serves to care for the coat, but also facilitates hygiene and reduces infestation with bacteria, mites and other skin diseases. Especially in a fixed cowshed, the animals tend to sweat and are more exposed to diseases and dirt. In a cold stable, open stable etc. shearing is not recommended. In its function the winter coat protects the animals from wind, nuisance and cows. In a dairy stable a clean and healthy udder is indispensable. The TailWell 2 Trimmer helps to shear the cow's tail in a matter of seconds and thus facilitates the daily work with the animals. Important is: The device must already be running, then you can guide the actual tail tip through the knife ring and the tail is sheared in approx. 15-20 seconds. The TailWell 2 trimmer is not suitable for breeders who want to present their animals at a show, because the tail puff is shorn off.

Auction shearing or show shearing

Füher you still have your hands on it, nowadays there are already professionals at work when it comes to cow fitting. From shaving to finishing to the demonstration - everything has to be right. Cow styling requires a lot of experience and a trained eye to locate the weaknesses and get the best out of the cow. The line of the cow is straightened. The topline makes the animal look even bigger, longer, deeper and sharper. The tail is shorn short, but the tassel must not be shorn with it. When shearing the udder, you must make sure that the udder is not too tight and that the cow is not injured. Cutting lengths of 0.1-0.5 mm help to shave all hard-to-reach areas and create a better transition to the udder.

If you want to try yourself as a "cowfitter", you will find real professionals in all price ranges. Professional shearing machines for cattle with battery and the correct blades and clipper care accessories you will find in our clipper shop. If you need further products for cattle breeding, please feel free to browse through our large product selection in our agricultural shop.