Buy high quality deer food from Austria

Wild feeding, on the one hand, helps to secure wildlife and, on the other, helps to prevent damage to tree shoots or young crops. Our deer feed is specially adapted to the needs of red deer. The food not only improves the resilience of the game but also serves as a substitute for mendacious habitats. In our online shop, you will receive the animal feed in a 25 kg bag or on pallets

Wild & deer feed for every season

Are you looking for a proven standard wild feed for year-round feeding? Then we recommend the Leimüller Wildfutter 4 Classic. The food has a high crude protein content and a large proportion of natural apple pomace and is therefore also suitable for the cold season. For other requirements, we have other wild-food mixes on offer:

  • Leimüller transitional feed made from corn, oats and sesame pellets for a gentle change from dry to green forage and back
  • Our Leimüller spring mix for roe deer feeding from February to March / April, whose low crude protein content optimally prepares the game for the young vegetation
  • The special Leimüller rumen mix for deer with low acidity, which reliably prevents rumen acidification of the animals.

Our wild food mixes are perfectly matched to the digestive processes. If you have any questions or individual requests for feed, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, telephone or via our contact form.

Our deer food at a glance:

Wild Animal Feed 1 - Solo without apple pomace

  • with valuable vitamins and minerals
  • with Infinite-Lock additive for less biting damage

Wild Animal Feed 2 - spring mix

  • optimum wild-food mix for February to April
  • high crude fiber supply
  • with apple pomace
  • gentle rumen

Wild Animal Feed 3 - structure light

  • high crude fiber content
  • gentle rumen
  • promotes digestive activity
  • prevents the bite on trees

Wild Animal Feed 4 - classic

  • With natural apple pomace
  • With important vitamins and minerals
  • Well proven mixture for years

Wild Animal Feed 5 - transition period mix

  • wild food mix of corn, oats and sesame pellets
  • with apple pomace
  • good rumen compatibility
  • low vitamin and mineral content

Wild Animal Feed 6 - rumen mix

  • suitable machines
  • rumen-friendly due to low acidity
  • with apple pomace

Wild Animal Feed 7 - deer animal feed

  • optimal wild-food mix for October to February
  • tried and tested complete food
  • with important vitamins and minerals

Wild Animal Feed 8 - apple pomace mix

  • with apple pomace
  • suitable for the whole year
  • with important vitamins and minerals

Wild Animal Feed 9 - power mix

  • high-quality energy mixture for cold winters
  • high supply of nutrients
  • with apple pomace

Wild Animal Feed 10 - Fiber

  • high raw fiber content
  • oats free
  • with apple pomace