SUEVIA drinking bowls for cattle, horses, sheep, goats & pigs

The brand SUEVIA is known for the high-quality livestock drinking bowls. The bowls are made of high quality cast iron, stainless steel or plastic. The SUEVIA drinking bowls have been proven in agriculture for years.

The basis for the development of the drinkers is a long-standing experience and the good cooperation with practitioners from agriculture and research. The cast iron bowls are provided with a high-quality enamel coating, which ensures optimum, hygienic surface protection over the years. When selecting stainless steel sheets, great value is placed on the highest quality. The plastic products on the other hand are UV-resistant and the special material properties are matched to the respective application.

Here you will find the high-quality SUEVIA drinking bowls for cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and goats. The suitable spare parts such as spare valves and mounting bracket can also be purchased from us in the shop.