The 12 V cordless tools impress with their powerful performance even on fences with more vegetation.

Electric Fences with 12 Volt battery are the ideal solution for long fences, fences with more fouling or very robust animals, if no 230V connection is available. The discharge energy is comparable with power supplies (output approx. 0.5 - 5 joules). These fence devices are powered by rechargeable 12 volt batteries. Depending on the device type, power requirement and battery type, the rechargeable batteries must be recharged after approx. 2-4 weeks.

The electric fence devices 12V can be supplemented with solar modules. As a result, the batteries are recharged with solar energy permanently. All 12 volt devices have a deep discharge protection, which helps you to get the power of the 12 Volt batteries.

Advantages of electric fence 12V cordless tools:

  • mobile
  • strike strong
  • rechargeable
  • solar option
  • discharge


with 12 Volt deep discharge protection, by manual control (1 - 20) the impact strength is infinitely adjustable,
Operation via 230 V power adapter possible (371012), built-in solar charge controller, GPS version: power consumption + 35 mA

Mobile Power AD 2000
Mobile Power AD 3000
Mobile Power AD 5000
Mobile Power AN 5500


low power consumption through power saving circuit, with optical fence voltage control,
with on / off switch, strong / weak, weather-resistant and robust housing, operation via 230 Volt mains adapter possible (371012)

Mobile Power AN 3100
Mobile Power AN 5500
Savannah 2000
Savannah 3000


12 Volt Classic devices are more cost effective and offer simplified features for all standard fouling fences,
with 12 volt deep discharge protection, alligator clips made of high quality stainless steel, low power consumption by power saving circuit

Power N 1200
Power N 3500
Power Shock X 1500