Electric Fences 230V - Power Supplies

Electric fencing units for the highest fence requirements are the fence power energiesers with 230V. These electric fencing units have an unlimited service life due to the mains connection and are available in all power classes. An electric fence power supply also on long or overgrown fences or in very robust animals for the necessary energy. Of course, the higher energies are neither harmful to humans nor animals and every energizer complies with the applicable safety standards.

Benefits of electric fence 230V power supplies:

  • Low energy costs
  • Little maintenance
  • High output power
  • Fouling Insensitive

AKO Energizers 230V Power Supplies Product Lines:


- Digital displays for comfortable reading of the most important information about the device and fence system.
- High performance equipment for the highest demands. Long fence systems and difficult conditions are no problem.
- Intelligent adaptation to the fence or alarm functions ensure maximum safety for humans and animals.

Ako Power Profi NDi 6500 digital
Ako Power Profi NDi 10000 digital
Ako Power Pro NDi 15000 digital


- LED displays allow easy visual control of the current fence and equipment status at a glance
- Equipment with high output for demanding fences
- Good equipment ensures high flexibility in the application

Power Profi N 5000
Power Profi Ni 7000
Power Profi Ni 10000


- Indicator lights for device or fence
- effective performance, designed for standard fences
- inexpensive beginner equipment with solid equipment

Power N 1200
Power N 3500
Power N 4800