Energizer with 9V battery - ideal for smaller fences and paddocks!

The 9 volt electric fence battery devices are especially suitable for shorter fence lengths without plant vegetation. They are much lighter than 12V devices and therefore very mobile. The 9 volt battery runs for a few months and can even cover a full grazing season, depending on operating time, battery type and size. A discharged 9 volt dry battery can no longer be charged and must be replaced. The electric fencers can alternatively be operated with a rechargeable 12 volt battery.

Advantages of Pasture Fence 9V dry battery devices:

  • Compact and mobile
  • Flexible use
  • For removable fences, paddocks and smaller pastures


  • big display
  • Automatic mode - minimum power consumption through optimal, independent adjustment of the output power
  • Operation over 230 volts
  • Power adapter possible

Power Station BD 300 digital: ideal for horses and cattle pastures with little vegetation
Power Station BD 400 digital: for medium fences and medium vegetation
Power Station BD 600 digital: for longer fences and stronger growth


  • optical control for fence insulation and battery voltage
  • extremely robust housing with innovative locking technology
  • optional operation with 12 volt battery possible

Eco Power B 340 plus: for medium fence lengths and low growth, free battery
Power Shock B 290: the most flexible solution for fences with little vegetation, AGM battery for free
Eco Power B 500 plus: for long fences and little vegetation


  • 9 volt battery devices with effective output power
  • optical control for fence insulation and battery voltage
  • easy to use
  • including earth rod and fence / ground connection cable

Compact Power B 140: for mobile use, with small coupling without vegetation
Compact Power B 240 multi: Universal device for fences with low growth