Fence band 10 to 40 mm for horses, cattle and sheep buy cheap

Whether cattle, horses or sheep - the fence fence is hard-wearing, tear-resistant and particularly visible. Thus, the band guarantees the highest safety hats and is the ideal conductor material for the electric fence. The suitable pasture fence can be found in our category fence tape.

Electric fence tapes are usually available with a width of 10 to 40 mm and are particularly suitable for extremely long and stable electric fences. Due to the high stability and good visibility for humans and animals, the pasture fence tape is becoming increasingly popular and is mainly used in the horse fence, cattle fence and sheep fence. Fence tapes are also available for short fences, as well as for large pastures with extremely long electric fences over 20 km, which have very high demands on the conductor material for the pasture fence.

For consistently high voltage, the innovative conductor bundling in our pasture fence strips. Two conductors in contact with each other ensure that the tension in the pasture fence is constant. The Z-Webbing with its conductor cross connections guarantees a permanent re-electrification and thus an uninterrupted current flow. The more conductors the band has, the more the current flow is ensured, even if the fence fence is damaged.

5 expert tips on pasture fence tape

  1. The lower the resistance in ohms/m the better the conductivity of the pasture fence.
  2. Always use stainless steel accessories such as connectors, ports & gate handles.
  3. For very long fences over 10 km we recommend the AKO PremiumLine.
  4. Fence fence strips with 30 mm are an ideal compromise between visibility and susceptibility to wind.
  5. Fence tapes can be ideally stretched with Litzclips.

Fence Tape for high visibility for humans & animals

Not only humans can better recognize a wide fence fence in white or neon colors. Even horses, cattle and sheep perceive a wide band better than a thin strand. Thus, the animals recognize the border of the paddock or pasture from afar. In addition to the standard color white, our pasture fence tapes are also available in other signal colors such as red, yellow blue or neon green.

More Pasture Fence Info & Guide

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