Muck Boots - rubber boots for all situations

Muck is rooted in necessity, grounded in community, built for protection, worn with pride and made for work (and life) in the dirt. Totally protected from wetness, wind, snow, mud and sticky situations.

Since 1999 the traditional company has been convincing with its unbeatable footwear. Muck Boots has made it its goal to always offer the right boot or shoe for all outdoor areas and activities where waterproof, comfortable and reliable footwear is needed. Each boot is manufactured under the premise of being 100% waterproof and capable of withstanding the toughest of conditions. Wearing comfort and useful features included. The Muck Boot is the pioneer in the processing of neoprene in shoes and boots.

Whether for riding, yard and garden work or in the forest with the dog - The Muck Boots are ready for any challenge. The special shoe sole is adapted to different ground conditions depending on the boot. Whether ice or snow, mud or damp earth, the Muck Boots can withstand any challenge! An easy-to-clean sole, reinforced, with extra grip, MS-1 or a robust profiled outsole offer protection and comfort in everyday work or for the outdoor lifestyle.

The high-tech fabric called CR-Flex provides excellent heat regulation, a pleasant wearing comfort, reliably protects against cold and is 100% waterproof. In products with natural rubber, this material is specially coated and therefore very durable. In addition, all products score points with a fashionable design, high-quality soles and a comfortable footbed.

That is what the Muck Boots products are made of:

  • Rubber shell sole for better grip. Neoprene boots sit in the shell sole and thus provide additional stability
  • Multiple rubber layers provide additional durability. Rubber reinforcements in the toe and heel area offer optimum protection
  • Diving quality neoprene boots offer 100% waterproof protection, natural insulation and lasting comfort and flexibility
  • Extra flap for easy pull-out
  • All seams are carefully sewn and taped with elastic to ensure waterproof protection
  • The pulling straps are recessed and fixed on the inside to avoid the risk of getting caught. A silver reflective strip is attached for better visibility

Muck Boots rubber boots - The boots for every application

With the 100% waterproof boots and shoes, you no longer need to worry about protecting and comforting your feet, but can concentrate on the essentials. The boots feature an insulating, light and soft polyester fabric that provides warmth and unique comfort, a steel or plastic toe cap that complies with ASTM F2413-11 M /75 C / 75, and a midfoot reinforcement. Further special features of the Muck Boots are the breathable mesh sandwich lining, an antimicrobial evaporation cooling, furthermore the boots are non-slip, odour and oil resistant.

The Muck Boots outdoor boots are divided into temperature classes so that your feet neither freeze nor sweat. The range here goes from cold minus 50°C to hot plus 35°C. The Muck Boots are available for men and women in many sizes, shapes and colours, so that the right shoe is available for every application.