Octo Wood Fence - The Perfect Wood Post for Pasture Fence, Paddock & Co.

The Octo Wood wooden poles are ideal for fence construction with their ingenious octagonal profile. Whether fence, electric fence, paddock or wooden fence - The Octo Wood fence is the most widely used wood post in pasture fence construction due to its perfect characteristics.

The advantages:

  • Ingenious 8-corner profile
  • easy installation without pre-drilling
  • Also suitable for wooden fence
  • Highly effective pressure impregnation protects against insects, fungi and soft rot
  • Even growth, therefore uniform annual rings
  • Slow growth, therefore tight annual rings
  • 10 years warranty!

The raw material:

OctoWood uses only slow-growing pine from Scandinavia, which has grown north of the 64th parallel. The low temperatures, few hours of sunshine and small treetops ensure a straight trunk, high rigidity and high breaking load.

The OctoWood pine wood post with the well-known octagonal profile offers flexible mounting of the insulators due to its 8 sides. The most common pasture fence post is available in different lengths as well as different diameters and can therefore be used in any fence system. The pine wood is not hardwood and therefore easy to work with.

The heartwood:

  • Does not need to be impregnated
  • Contains the natural antifungal "pinosylvin"
  • Is traversed with resin channels
  • Is "dead" wood
  • Gives rigidity to the pile

The Sapwood:

  • Only the sapwood content is impregnated
  • The membrane of the wood fiber cell is coated with a copper sulfate layer
  • Impregnation is carried out using the pressure vessel method with Wolmanit CX