Pasture pump - independent water supply for animals

Pasture pumps offer a simple & inexpensive solution for the water supply of your grazing animals. The pasture pump is not only suitable for livestock, but also for horses, foals and calves.

If you do not have the opportunity to install power lines and pressurized water pipes in the pasture, but at the same time want to do without the installation of a water cart or the hauling of water buckets, provide pasture pumps is an ideal alternative.

With our pasture pumps, 15 to 20 animals simply supply themselves with fresh drinking water, eg. from wells, streams or groundwater. The operation of the pump learn the animals intuitively and automatically. Your cattle or horses will always have fresh water at their disposal for optimal hygienic conditions - contamination of stored water is a thing of the past.

Operation of the pasture pump:

The lever of the grazing pump is pushed forward through the head of the animal. The drawbar raises the membrane and sucks water into the membrane space. Due to gravity and the tension in the diaphragm, the lever moves backwards. The water is displaced from the membrane space and flows into the drinking bowl. The check valves ensure that the water is always sucked in and pumped in the right direction. A portion of the pumped water remains on top of the membrane and flows into the drinking bowl as soon as the membrane is re-actuated on the next cycle, i. when the animal pushes the lever again (double-stroke function).

Important features of a pasture pump:

  • Smooth operation - so that the pasture pump is also suitable for foals and calves
  • High resistance - long service life thanks to robust materials
  • Double stroke function - for continuous water flow and a constantly filled pasture
  • Low maintenance - few wearing parts for long-lasting optimal function
  • Suitability for pipelines and hoses - easy connection through suitable connections

Our recommendation - Pasture pump P100

The pasture pump P100 is optimized down to the last detail for a particularly smooth operation:

  • Only two bearing points of the lever designed as plain bearings ensure minimal friction and reduced wear
  • Aluminum lever with low weight
  • Membrane with low internal resistance in the rubber
  • Optimum leverage

The Pasture Pump P100 is available with 3/4 "and 1".