Pasture Well & Water Trough - fresh drinking water for your grazing animals

For a welfare-friendly attitude in the pasture, animals such as cattle, cows, horses or ponies need permanent access to fresh and clean drinking water. Here you find the right water trough, which provides your animals reliable with clean drinking water in the pasture.

For a long life of the pasture water trough and to prevent from injuries, our pastures are made of particularly robust special plastic and have rounded edges. The bigger the water trough, the more animals can drink at the same time. Depending on your livestock, you can choose between different sizes.

Float valve for pasture well - constant water level in water trough

If there is a water connection at the desired location, the float valve ensures a continuous filling of the pasture well. As soon as the water level falls below a certain level, the valve automatically opens and automatically closes again as soon as the water trough is full again.