• Available in different lengths and thicknesses
  • Can be used for both mobile and stationary fences
  • Tear-resistant and optimally withstand high breaking loads
  • Can be used in all weather conditions

What is a polywire for electric fence?

Conductive materials are used in the construction of an electric fence to conduct electricity through the fence system. Strands of electric fencing are conductive materials made of stable plastic threads that are braided with live wires.

Polywires are produced in various lengths and thicknesses. Thus, polywires can be used for a small or mobile pasture fence, but also for a long stationary fixed fence.

Due to their high conductivity, polywires are particularly tear-resistant and can withstand high breaking loads.

Similar to the fencing rope, polywire can withstand any weather condition. Even in winter with snow, polywire can be used safely.

With 3 questions on the correct use of pasture fencing ropes

1. For which animal can polywire be used?

Polywires are particularly suitable for livestock farming. They are mainly used for fencing cattle, as they are slow animals.

However, pasture fencing wire can also be used safely for smaller animals such as sheep, goats and pigs.

It is not suitable for fencing fast animals such as horses, as the wire is not easily visible.

2. How are polywires attached?

Wire fencing is attached to the post with insulators. These serve to guide the conductor material but also to insulate the current.

Ring insulators or polywire/rope insulators are particularly suitable for strands. These can simply be screwed into the fence post.

3. How can the polywire be connected?

The polywires are connected by specially manufactured polywire connectors, not by knotting or tying them together.

Fence wires can be connected with the help of a clip or a screw in the wire connector. If, for example, you enlarge your pasture or the material tears, two ends can be securely connected in this way.

Which accessories are useful for pasture fence braids:

Uncomplicated unwinding thanks to the drop handles: With the help of the drop handles you can unwind the conductor material from the spool even more easily.

Twice as fast with the one-handed drop aid: With the help of the one-handed drop aid you can simultaneously unroll conductor material from the spool and attach it to the pasture fence.

Safe storage with the fence reel: When dismantling your mobile fence, you can easily roll up and transport the conductor material on the reel. This way your conductor material remains undamaged even if the pasture is changed several times.

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