Poultry accessories for species-appropriate keeping and breeding

  • Poultry accessories for efficient and appropriate poultry farming
  • Only high quality materials and ingredients
  • Accessories for a wide range of poultry species
  • Exclusively Austrian and German brand manufacturers

What is meant by poultry accessories?

Poultry accessories include all the tools you need for species-appropriate poultry husbandry and breeding. They facilitate your work from species-appropriate pet keeping to professional poultry breeding.

Our poultry accessories are specially designed for the following animal species:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Ornamental bird
  • Quail
  • Duck
  • Wild bird
  • Goose

How can poultry accessories make poultry farming easier for me?

A chicken coop or hen house with automatic chicken door offers your chickens the right breeding and sleeping place, as well as protection from wild predators such as martens and foxes.

You can determine the free-range enclosure of your chickens with a suitable chicken fence. Additionally, the fence protects the chickens from small predators.

Healthy chickens need the right chicken feed and fresh water. To ensure that your chickens are provided with clean food, you can use various feed troughs and poultry drinkers.

If you can obtain grain from your own farm, you only need the right grain mill for species-appropriate chicken feed.

No matter whether chickens are reared or full-grown laying hens, most chickens have to go to the vet sooner or later. For the safe and stress-free transport of chickens there are separate poultry transport boxes.

The plucking machine also falls under the category poultry accessories. It is suitable for all types of poultry and increases the efficiency in fattening farms.

Our poultry accessories at a glance

Chicken house with chicken flap: In the chicken house the chickens find a safe place to sleep and breed. Thanks to an automatic chicken flap, you no longer have to open and close the door to the henhouse by hand. Your animals still get the free run they deserve.

Chicken fence: With a chicken net or chicken fence you can keep your chickens safe and still allow them to run free.

Chicken feed: With species-appropriate chicken feed, your chickens stay healthy for a long time and lay eggs diligently. The quality of the ingredients often determines the taste of the eggs.

Feed trough and poultry drinker: With feed trough and poultry drinker, feed and water stay clean longer and your animals stay healthy.

Grain mill: If you can obtain grain from your own farm for the chickens, the grain mill makes it easier for you to grind.

Poultry transport box: For safe transport or moving your chickens around the house, you should consider a poultry transport box.

Plucking machine: A plucking machine makes your work in fattening chickens easier.

Your advantages in the Agrarzone shop

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No risk thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee: If your purchased poultry product is not the right one for you after all, you can return the item to us within 30 days of delivery without giving any reason. We will then refund you the full purchase price.

All products meet the legal safety standards: All our agricultural equipment has been tested by the legislator. All electrifiable products such as pasture fences or pasture nets are safe for people and animals. This is guaranteed by compliance with the statutory safety standards.

Only products from well-known Austrian or German manufacturers: Due to the high quality, there are fewer defects and you have less maintenance effort. Calculated over several years you save money.