Poultry feed - for laying hens, quails, broilers & special poultry

Here you will find a wide selection of high-quality poultry feed. Our brands Leimüller, Emmas and Göweil are produced directly in Austria and convince by GMO-free quality, regionality and the species-appropriate composition for each type of poultry.

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Buy high quality chicken feed for successful chicken breeding & egg production

Whether good egg production, yellow yolk or safe and controlled chicken rearing - our chicken feed has been proven and optimized for the needs of laying hens and broiler chickens for many years. Here you will find chick starters as well as pullets for laying hens, laying hen feed or feed for chickens for fattening.

Poultry breeding feed - Optimal nutrition from the first day

At the beginning is the poultry rearing. For the first 5-6 weeks of life we ??recommend Leimüller Kükenstarter. The high-quality rearing feed with many nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements ensures an optimal nutrition from the first day. Our chick rearing feed in organic quality is the Göweil Bio Wildhendlstarter, which is also suitable for use in organic farms.

If the chick is 6 weeks old and has become a young hen, it has other nutritional needs. Therefore, the feed should also be changed. The Leimüller Jungehennenfutter from the 6th week is now the optimal poultry feed. As organic chicken feed we recommend the Göweil Organic Loose Chicken Feed.

Laying hens feed in premium quality - for strong peel and yellow yolk

Beautiful yellow yolk and strong egg shells are available from our Leimüller laying hens feed. Even the color of the food shows the high quality and the eggs as well. Bio-certified is our Göweil organic laying hens feed and thus meets the high standards that are placed on organic feed.

Poultry feed - plenty of energy and nutrients for your daily needs

Poultry fattening make very special demands on the poultry feed. For high-growth, healthy and vital chickens, the fattening diet must provide enough energy and cover the daily needs for nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The Leimüller poultry feed is ideal for the entire fattening period. In case of increased nutrient requirements we recommend Leimüller poultry feed H.

As a bio-certified alternative, we have the Göweil poultry feed Wildhendlmast in the range.

Poultry feed for ornamental fowl & special poultry

For ornamental poultry and special poultry, such as silk chicken, which are not considered to be poultry or laying hen, we recommend our Classic Feather Feed and Premium Filler Feeder. Popular as a tasty change for silk chickens is the decorative bird feed with shrimp.

Poultry Feed shipping - buy chicken feed online and have it delivered easily

We ship our poultry feed Europe-wide in environmentally friendly and tear-resistant paper sacks, which are packed in stable double-walled shipping boxes. Our short delivery times help you to always have enough fresh poultry food in stock and you get the chicken feed conveniently home.

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