Poultry net - chicken fence 15m - 50m

Poultry farming is now playing an important role not only in the commercial sector. Even in the private sector, poultry farming is very much in vogue. Bringing breakfast eggs out of your own garden is a joyous affair for many people. A safe keeping of chickens, quail or turkeys by, for example, a poultry net in the outdoor area is essential, especially in densely populated areas or on busy roads.

In our poultry net category you will find a large range of pasture fence net especially for poultry. Our poultry nets are 112 cm to 150 cm high. The length of the chicken fence can be chosen between 15 meters, 25 meters and 50 meters, whereby the poultry nets can also join together and thereby extend.

To make sure you enjoy your poultry net for a long time, pay particular attention to the following points when making your purchase:
  • A small mesh size in the lower part of the net
  • Welded nodes
  • Stable plastic piles with single point (stony ground) or double point (sandy, earthy ground)

Poultry net not electrifiable - operate chicken fence without electricity

A poultry net without electricity effectively protects your poultry from leaving the designated area. Whether next to a road or on the meadow - your animals are first included in the poultry net, stay there and are safely kept.

Electrified poultry nets - with power for more safety

The danger of chickens, turkeys and quails being spilled out of the net is not that big. However, there are other animals that are just waiting to enter. You protected yourself against this danger by energizing the poultry net. This is not dangerous for your poultry, but Fox, Mader & Co. are kept from entering the poultry net.

Accessories for poultry nets

Are you looking for additional accessories for poultry nets such as spare piles, electric fencing or pasture fence batteries? Find poultry nets accessories in our shop or please ask if you have any questions.