Quail Food

Buy quail feed - GM-free quality food for vital quails and good laying performance

We do not compromise on feed quality. In our quail feed category you will find high quality feed mixes for all quail breeds from regional production.

Our quail brands Leimüller, Emmas and Göweil offer GM-free quail feed for every purpose. The ingredients for our quail feed come directly from the local farmers, where the grain grows controlled. This is GMO-free and sustainable agriculture! If the grain is ripe and ready for harvest, it will be processed on short transport routes within Austria. After multiple cleaning and processing, the grain is provided with the special ingredients.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Quail feed guaranteed without genetic engineering
  • Beautiful, repeatedly cleaned feed quality and therefore dust-free
  • Many varied varieties with herbal mixtures, mealworms and more
  • Quail seed for quail chicks

Young quail chicks have different needs than fully grown laying quails. Therefore, you will also find feed mixes that are especially suitable for quail chicks:

  • Leimüller quail chick feed from the first day of life to the third week
  • Leimüller quail rearing feed: from the 3rd week of life to the laying maturity with approx. 8 weeks

From the eighth week of life we ??recommend the following quail feed mixes for daily feeding:

  • Quail Feed for laying quails - standard food for good laying performance
  • Quail Feed Special - valuable oils and proteins due to high content of seeds
  • Quail Feed Exclusive - with vital herb blend and bachfloh crayfish

Quail feed conveniently in the 5 kg or 25 kg bag buy cheap online

The Leimüller quail feed 25 kg is available in our environmentally friendly, tear-resistant paper bag or in a 5 kg bag. Select the desired quantity directly in the article.