Recycling post - durable and versatile

  • Extremely long shelf life 
  • Weatherproof & rot-proof 
  • Ideal for soft, damp and deep soils 
  • Low weight & especially easy processing 
  • Fully insulated & groundwater neutral

Durable and versatile are our recycling piles made of recycled plastic.  The recycling posts are becoming more and more popular as they are ideally suited for use as roadway posts.  The poles are not only popular for agriculture and forestry.  The posts are also increasingly used in gardening and landscaping due to their flexible properties.

Recycling posts - resistant & easy to process

Due to its special plastic material, the post is rot-proof and extremely resistant to oils, alkalis, acids, etc.  The light plastic material is also easy to work with and therefore easy to saw, drill, screw or nail.  The risk of injury is also minimal, as the material does not splinter even when broken.