Sheep clipper & trimmer - powerful machine for best results

The most important thing for the optimum sheep shearing is a high-performance and high-draft sheep clipper and the right shearing blades for a sheep shearing machine. Our shearing machines for sheep üconvince by a strong engine power and an enormous pulling power. The powerful sheep shearing machines from renowned manufacturers easily pass through matted or dirty fur and ensure a professional and precise result.

When are sheep sheared?

Sheep should be shorn. On the one hand for wool production and on the other hand for the protection and hygiene of the animals, sheep shearing is not able to control their own watermelon and so the many dense wool accumulates in summer. The sheep should therefore be sheared at least once or twice a year (once in spring and once in autumn). Shearing should be done about one month before the birth of the Lemmer or about after the Ice Saints in grazing.

The right sheep clipper

If you decide to shear the animals yourself and not rent a shearer, then a high quality sheep shearing machine is very important and facilitates the work. Even if it doesn't look like it at first sight, shearing sheep is a physically demanding job. This makes it all the more important to have a good sheep shearing machine that you can rely on.

Früher (and in areas with limited access to electricity) the shearing was done with manual shears. This method of shearing is considerably more time-consuming and more wool remains on the sheep. Aesculap is one of the first companies in the world to launch a cordless sheep clipper. The special requirements for the sheep clipper Econom CL were optimally fulfilled by Aesculap through know-how and engineering skills!

Thanks to the proven engine technology, the Kerbl Constanta 4 benefits from an enormous pulling power. The sheep shearing machine constanta4 does not kneel even when the animals are matted and encrusted with dirt.

The lightest machine on the market is the Kerbl Shearing Machine FarmClipper4. With its 1200 g and ergonomic design, the clipper is light and very handy.

If you are familiar with your sheep, have enough endurance, strength and good equipment, then nothing stands in the way of sheep clipping!