Electric fence solar energizer

With a solar electric fence you get maintenance-free from spring to autumn. Through the use of solar modules, the 12 volt battery of the fencer is recharged permanently. This means that 12V cordless electric fencers can not only be operated maintenance-free over the whole grazing season, but often you can also save the replacement battery.

During the day, the battery is supplied with solar energy and charged. The battery stores the electricity and returns it during the night to provide the energiser with energy at night. Due to the uniform charge and discharge, the 12V battery can last up to twice as long.

  • Advantages of AKO electric fence 12V solar devices:
  • Solar power is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective source of energy
  • The costs are limited to the one-time purchase of the solar module
  • No maintenance or follow-up costs
  • Maintenance-free operation from spring to autumn

Here you will find solar modules for 12V electric fence devices as well as attractive complete sets at advantageous prices, which already combine the batteries with the matching solar modules

Sun Power: handy, ergonomic device optimized for maintenance-free continuous operation

Solar Set 8 Watt: the environmentally friendly alternative to the 9 Volt dry cell battery
12 volt starter pack: Weidezuan complete set for mobile use

Solar modules suitable for Mobil Power AN

15 Watt solar module: suitable for AN 3100
45 watt solar module: incl. Charge controller for AN 3100, AN 5500 and AN 5500 digital

Solar modules suitable for Mobil Power A and AD

8 watt solar module: suitable for A 800
15 Watt solar module: for A 1200
25 watt solar module incl. Charge controller: for AD 2000 digital and AD 3000 digital

Solar modules suitable for DUO Power X and Savanne devices

15 Watt solar module: for X 1000 and X 1500
25 Watt solar module: for X 2500, X 4000, Savanne 2000 and Savanne 3000