Buy the right stirrups for horses

To be sure in the saddle, there are stirrups and straps that provide the ultimate in comfort and control in the saddle.

Stirrup leathers are available in different sizes and models. You can find decorative rhinestone elements, curved stainless steel buckles or monosteen bars from renowned manufacturers here.

Our stirrups are available in different variants and for every discipline and need. The synthetic fabric and safety stirrups are widely used by beginners and provide more safety for young or less experienced riders.

With Peacock stirrups, a rubber band is released in the event of a fall. Safety stirrups have been designed so that the rider's foot, in the event of a fall, does not get caught in the stirrup and, in the worst case, the rider is dragged along.

Standard stainless steel or Fillis-style stirrups are a traditional choice for the tournament. The classic design of the stirrups fits great with any saddle and retains the shiny, fresh look without rusting and is easy to care for.