Finally enjoy summer wasp-free with wasp traps and wasp sprays!

A whir at the breakfast table or with a delicious dessert in the garden - we are talking about wasps who want to snack with us. Generally, wasps are useful rather than dangerous. Also, contrary to the widespread opinion of many people, wasps are not aggressive. Most wasp stings happen when you step on a wasp unnoticed. Except for the wasp sting pain, most people have no side effects. The situation is different for allergy sufferers, for whom wasp stings are very dangerous and can lead to death. With suitable wasp control measures, you can spend the summer relaxed in the garden or on the balcony without the annoying insects.

How do you get rid of wasps and wasp nests?

If you want to enjoy your time outdoors without the annoying insects, you have to take the right measures to destroy the wasps. The correct measure depends on whether there are 1. a few individual wasps or 2. swarms of wasps that have settled permanently due to wasp nests.

1. Get rid of individual wasps

Wasps are always on the lookout for food. It is therefore important to seal food and beverages well outdoors. Compost and garbage should also be inaccessible to wasps. If you work in the garden, it is advisable not to wear colorful clothes and not to use perfumes and creams that contain perfume, as this attracts insects. Wasp traps such as the Vandal wasp trap set and insect sprays such as Vandal long-term spray are effective methods for combating wasps.

2. Get rid of swarms of wasps and wasp nests

If wasps have settled in the garden under an eaves, other means are required than for a few individual wasps. It is possible to either relocate the wasps and their wasp nest or destroy them. The best thing to do is to ask a beekeeper, the community or a pest control center. In the event of acute danger such as for allergy sufferers, seniors or children in the immediate vicinity of the nest, you can also call the fire brigade.

If you want to do wasp control yourself, you should do this either early in the morning or in the evening at low temperatures when the wasps in the nest are in their resting phase. Knowing the flight holes is just as important as suitable protective clothing such as long pants, long-sleeved shirts, face protection, head protection and gloves. From a safe distance, the entry holes should be sprayed with wasp spray or wasp foam for several seconds in the wind direction. At Agrarzone you will find a variety of highly effective wasp sprays and wasp foam such as Vandal wasp spray, cit VespaTurbo Wasp Spray or Cit Wasp Foam.

Prevent wasp nests as the easiest solution

So that no annoying permanent guests settle in the garden and on the balcony and that you don't have to destroy wasps unnecessarily, prevention is better than aftercare when it comes to combing wasps. To do this, it is necessary to make the nesting sites that are typical for wasps, such as eaves, roller shutter boxes, balconies or hay sheds, less attractive. With the following tips no wasps settle:

  • Seal all openings in the house
  • Use roller shutter boxes more often
  • Seal earth holes
  • Remove rotten wood
  • Completely close open boxes, boxes or the like
  • If possible, clean the roof overhang and balcony overhang regularly
  • Use garden sheds and hay sheds regularly

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