Haberfellner Wheat Flour Type 405 / W480 grippy

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  • For all doughs that need to swell
  • For flouring cake pans, work surfaces and baking trays
  • 100% natural, without additives
  • Made from Austrian grain
  • Guaranteed GMO-free
  • Bakery quality
  • Strictly pesticide controlled

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Haberfellner Wheat Flour Typ 405 / W 480 grippy

Ideal for all doughs that should rest and for flouring cake pans and baking trays.

The Wheat Flour Type 405 (Germany typing) / W 480 (Austria typing) grippy consists coarser flour grains and is ideal for all doughs that are supposed to rest or for flouring baking trays and cake pans. The Wheat Flour Type 405 / W 480 can be used to produce particularly elastic, firm and fluffy doughs such as dumplings, pasta doughs and potato doughs. Only Austrian wheat is used for the wheat flour. The wheat is more pesticide-controlled and is guaranteed to be GMO-free.

Wheat Flour Typ 405 / W 480 grippy overview:

  • For all doughs that need to rest
  • For flouring cake pans, work surfaces and baking trays
  • Made from Austrian grain
  • Guaranteed GMO-free
  • Bakery quality
  • Strictly pesticide controlled
  • Type 405 (after typing Germany)
  • Type W 480 (after typing Austria)


  • Coarsely ground flour
  • Ideal for firm, elastic, fluffy doughs
  • Popular household flour
  • Good baking properties
  • Longer shelf life than dark flour
  • Mineral content 0.40g / 100g


The Wheat Flour Type 405 / W 480 grippy is used for doughs which has to rest after preparation. In this way, firm, elastic and fluffy baked goods such as dumplings, potato doughs, pasta doughs and other recipes can be produced. Wheat Flour Type 405 / W 480 is also ideal for sprinkling the work surface when rolling out dough, flouring cake pans and baking trays.


The grain size of the flour to be used is not specified in all cooking and baking recipes. Coarse, finely milled or universal represents the degree of grain in the flour. Usually, elastic and firm doughs are always made from coarse flour, while finely milled flour is used for pastries or sauces. The Wheat Flour Type 405 / W 480 universal flour is a mixture of finely milled and coarse flour and can be used instead of the Wheat Flour Type 405 / W 480 grippy.

Shelf life and storage:

Flour should be stored at home as dry, dark and so cool as possible. Flour is best stored in an airtight container, such as plastic cans, so that insects do not enter and the flour does not take on any odors. It is also not recommended to store flour next to the dishwasher (moisture) or the oven (temperature fluctuations).

The shelf life of flour depends on the type of flour and the correct storage. Basically, white flour can be stored practically indefinitely. Whole wheat flour becomes perishable earlier due to its high fat content.


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Category: Flour
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Country of origin‍: Austria
Quality‍: GMO free 100% natural ingredients
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