Pharmakas LEKKERWÜRFEL Herbs 1 kg in a nutshell:

  • in order to prevent food-related deficiency symptoms 
  • positive effect on the organs of digestion and mucous membranes

Pharmakas LEKKERWÜRFEL Herbs 1 kg - Healthy Reward for Your Horse

With Pharmakas LEKKERWÜRFEL Herbs, you fulfill your horse's natural desire to chew and simultaneously build trust between human and animal. Carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality, important vitamins and minerals, high-quality trace elements, and plenty of fiber provide a healthy treat.

These specially developed Lekkerwürfel contain exclusively natural herbs, with a conscious avoidance of using flavors and dyes. They are also free from animal-based materials, making them particularly appealing to conscious horse riders.

The Pharmakas LEKKERWÜRFEL Herbs are fresh and crunchy and encourage natural chewing, which is essential for good digestion. Horse lovers have trusted this healthy reward for decades.


  • Natural and healthy horse treat
  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements
  • Promotes natural chewing
  • No artificial flavors and dyes
  • Free from animal-based materials
  • Fresh and crunchy due to an elaborate manufacturing process


  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Main Ingredients: Wheat flour, lucerne, barley, linseed cake, wheat, sunflower extraction meal, herb mixture

Package includes:

1x Pharmakas LEKKERWÜRFEL Herbs 1 kg


What ingredients do Pharmakas LEKKERWÜRFEL Herbs contain?
The Lekkerwürfel contain carefully selected ingredients and natural herbs. They are free from animal-based materials and artificial flavors and dyes.

Why should horses receive the Pharmakas LEKKERWÜRFEL Herbs?
The Lekkerwürfel are a healthy reward that promotes natural chewing and strengthens the trust between human and animal. They contain important vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that contribute to the overall healthiness of your horse.

Manufacturer "Pharmakas"


The company PHARMAKA GmbH & Co. KG is already known for its wide range of HORSE-fitform® brand products in equestrian and equestrian Sports. For more than 45 years, PHARMAKA has been dedicated to the development and production of holistic and high-quality products from the areas of horse nutrition (supplementation), horse care and care of equestrian accessories (leather goods, textiles, Etc.).To smooth out a balanced, modern attitude to life for the horse was and is the goal of all product developments of the company, long before this term became part of German horse Breeding.Pharmaceuticals attach particular importance to the fact that in all products as possible only natural components Occur.PHARMAKA sees it as its task to offer products that represent a perfect supply and care for the leisure, sports and friend Horse.

Type of feed: goodies
Flavour: herbs
Country of origin: Germany
Quality: 100% natural ingredients, GMO free
Animal species: Horse

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