Pig feed & piglet feed - Quality food from Austria

Whether domestic pigs, mini pigs or pig breeding with fattening pigs - a high-quality pig feed is particularly important for successful pig farming and healthy animals.

Our species-appropriate and balanced pig feed has been developed by experts and has been successfully used by farmers, pig farmers and private pig farmers for many years. Due to the high quality of forage, which is achieved through high quality raw materials and strict controls, the pig feed is extremely popular.

Our pig feed contains all the essential nutrients and is perfectly adapted to the needs of pigs. High-quality raw materials from the region are used, which leads to short transport routes and strengthens regional agriculture. The conventional pig feed, as well as the pig feed, is guaranteed GMO-free.

Pig feed for fattening - pig feed as pellets or shredded corn

Fattening pigs have special requirements for pig feed. In order to gain weight quickly and stay healthy, the optimal supply of nutrients is particularly important. In addition to the conventional pork feed you will also find the Göweil organic pig feed, which is suitable for organic certified farms.

Mini-pig feeding - the ideal feed for mini-pigs

Mini-pigs are also called minke pigs, micro pigs or teacup pigs and are short-lived domestic pigs that were originally bred for experimental or hobby use. The Leimüller mini-pig feed is optimally suitable for the nutrition of the small conspecifics. With us you also get the minipigs feed pelleted. For more information on the attitude and feeding of minipigs, see our guide "mini pigs - keeping & feeding".

Buy pig feed as pellets or shot

The pig feed can be bought in a bowl or as a pellet. With pellets, less food stays and the feeling of satiety lasts longer in the pig. Shot feeding, however, leads to a slightly higher meat content. Please note: Especially with meal food must always be provided sufficient water.

Would you like expert advice on pig feeding or do you need larger amounts of pig feed? Please feel free to contact us for an individual offer. From 800 kg we can also offer you our own feed mixtures.