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Leimüller Wild Bird Food 4 Seasons 5 kg
Size: 5 kg

Content: 5 Kilogram (€4.80* / 1 Kilogram)

Leimüller Wild Bird Food Classic 25 kg
Size: 25 kg

Content: 25 Kilogram (€1.69* / 1 Kilogram)

Variants from €22.99*
From €42.29*
Leimüller Mini-Pig Feed 25 kg

Content: 25 Kilogram (€1.76* / 1 Kilogram)

From €44.09*
Agrarzone Mini Pig Feed Pellets 25 kg

Content: 25 Kilogram (€1.40* / 1 Kilogram)

From €35.09*
Agrarzone Wild Bird Food Allround 25 kg

Content: 25 Kilogram (€1.40* / 1 Kilogram)

From €35.09*
Riding arena grid / paddock grid ECO 50x50x5 cm

Content: 0.25 Square metre (€27.80* / 1 Square metre)

Stablemat Eventmat CLASSIC Soft-PVC 115 x 81 x 2,4 cm

Content: 0.93 Square metre (€43.00* / 1 Square metre)

Agrarzone Sheep Net Classic electrificable, double tip, green 50 m x 108 cm
Size: 50 m x 108 cm

Content: 50 Meter (€2.16* / 1 Meter)

Variants from €98.90*
Agrarzone Poultry Netting Classic non electric, double tip, green 50 m x 106 cm
Size: 50 m x 106 cm

Content: 50 Meter (€2.52* / 1 Meter)

Variants from €82.90*
Kerbl Automatic chicken door

€119.00* €139.00*
Agrarzone Plastic Post 105 cm, green (20 pcs.)

Content: 20 Piece (€3.30* / 1 Piece)

Agrarzone Automatic chicken door 30 x 40 cm
Model: 30 x 40 cm

Variants from €119.00*
PVC strip curtain transparent 25 m x 30 cm x 3 mm
Size: 25 m x 30 cm x 3 mm

Content: 25 Meter (€6.24* / 1 Meter)

Variants from €70.99*

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Wahl Fusion Sheep Clipper

€389.00* €487.99*
GoLeyGo 2.0 Leash Vegas S - up to 15 kg black
Colour: black | Size: S

€15.99* €19.99*
Wahl Star Horse Clipper blue

€283.99* €345.99*
Covalliero Softshell riding breeches Morzine black 38
Colour: black | Size: 38

€75.57* €99.99*
Agrarzone Poultry Net Premium Fiber electrificable, green 25 m x 106 cm
Size: 25 m x 106 cm

Content: 25 Meter (€3.60* / 1 Meter)

€89.90* €99.90*
Cover PolyGuard 210 g/m² 5 x 3 m
Size: 5 x 3 m

Variants from €10.99*
€25.99* €26.99*
Colour: brown | Size: M

€24.99* €31.50*
BUSSE Paddock Fly Sheet COMFORT silver (navy) 115
Colour: silver (navy) | Size: 115

€64.00* €74.00*
Kerbl Climbing wall Matterhorn

€54.99* €59.99*

Electric Fence

Electric Fence Device

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Electric Fence Posts Fixed

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Electric Fence Insulators

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AKO Compact Power B 180 Electric fence energiser 9V, 0.26 Joule, green
Electric fence Ako Compact Power B180 - 9 Volt Battery energiser 9 V Electric fence energiser in modern design for mobile use on small horse & cattle pastures. Also suitable for small animals thanks to low impact strength. The Compact Power B180 is a low-cost 9 V battery fence for mobile use on small paddocks without vegetation. The device is ideal for smaller horse and cattle pastures, but due to the low amperage, the device is also not too strong for small animals such as dogs or cats. The battery-operated universal device guarantees easy operation for everyone thanks to an integrated on/off rotary switch. 6 day-bright LEDs provide visual control of the fence and battery performance. The robust housing was specially developed for use in the field, is extremely break-resistant and has a high resistance to weathering. The robust carrying handle makes it easy to transport the electric fence to its intended place of use. You can operate the electric fence device with any conventional 9 V battery. With a suitable 12 V Adapter cable for the 12 V connection (not included in the scope of delivery), it is also possible to operate a 12 V wet battery. Please note that this device is not suitable for willow nets. For this, we recommend devices with a higher output power, from 2 joules for sensitive small animals and from 4 joules for robust animal species. At a glance: Effective 9 V electric fence energiser for mobile use Suitable for small pastures without vegetation Safely fence in horses, cattle and small animals, e.g. dogs and cats 6 day-bright LEDs (bargraph display) for fence & battery control Robust carrying handle for comfortable transport Microprocessor controlled Weatherproof plastic housing 12 V operation possible (12 V adapter cable recommended for connection to wet battery) With 12 V deep discharge protection Produced according to the latest EU safety standards Modern, simple design in green Premium electric fence unit "Made in Germany" Technical data: Power supply: 9 V Mode of operation: Battery Charge energy: 0,26 J Min. discharge energy: 0,18 J Max. Voltage: 8.800 V Idle Voltage: 8.400 V Voltage at 500 Ohm: 2.700 V Theoretical fence length: 6 km Max. Fence length with light vegetation: 3 km Max. Fence length with heavy vegetation: 0,5 km Current consumption: 23 mA Required number of 1 m ground stakes: 1 piece For these species: horse, cattle, dog, cat Scope of delivery: 1x Ako Compact Power B180 Electric fence energiser, green 1x Fence/Earth connection cable 1x Ground spike 1x Warning sign The battery is not included in the scope of delivery

AKO Mobil Power AD 2000 electric fence energiser 12V, 3 joules
AKO Mobil Power AD 2000 electric fence energiser 12V, 3 joules very powerful 12 Volt rechargeable battery unit for portable use and long fence lines with vegetative growth and sturdy animals with 12 Volt full discharge protection digital display reads out output voltage, power stages and battery condition two separate LEDs for fence condition and battery condition control manual turn switch (1 – 10) adjusts output energy steplessly - this makes power input adjustable to adapt more efficiently to fencing conditions allows for alternative operation with 9 Volt dry battery New - with carrying strap microprocessorcontrolled – energy saving mode Max. Output Energy in Joule: 2,0 Joule Max. Voltage in Volt: 11800 Volt Voltage at 500 Ohms in Volt: 4600 Volt 3 years warranty with 12 Volt full discharge protection The shock strength can be steplessly adjusted with the manual controller (1 - 20). can be operated via 230 V mains adapter integrated solar charge controller Note: No battery included in the scope of delivery! Suitable for pasture fences with tape, strand, rope and for willow nets Technical data: Max. Voltage: 10,500 V Voltage at no-load: 9,600 V Voltage at 500 Ohm: 5,200 V Max. Charging energy: 3 J Max. Discharge energy: 2.1 J Theoretical fence length: 55 km Max. Fence length without vegetation: 20 km Max. fence length Fence length with medium vegetation: 8 km Max. fence length Max. fence length with high vegetation: 3 km Power consumption: 17 mA - 220 mA Benötigte Anzahl 1 m Erdpfähle: 3 Stück Geeignet für Weidenetze bis: 0,4 km For these species: horse, bull, cattle, sheep, goat, poultry, heron Delievery: 1x AKO Mobil Power AD 2000 Pasture Fence Device 12 V, 3 Joule 1x Fence connection cable 1x Earth connection cable 1x Instruction manual

€363.99* €375.00*