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Mini pigs husbandry and feeding

Mini pigs are special pets and therefore they need special care and special mini pig food. In our article you will find everything about the keeping and feeding of minipigs.

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3 reasons for our online agriculture shop

1. The Agrarzone promise

We provide the best customer service, handle every order with care and do everything to make you and your animals happy.

2. We already have over 50,000 satisfied customers

Many customers have been accompanying us for years at our pet supply shop for horses, riders and pets. We are particularly happy because you get to know and appreciate each other.

3. With us you order personally

Ordering is very personal. We are not a global company, but a family business from Austria, where everyone comes with a passionate 100% in the morning to work and is there for you.

Our offer for your agriculture business

Whether hobby farmer or experienced farmer - at Agrarzone everyone gets his money's worth. In addition, you should know that all our agricultural equipment has very good price/performance. Are you looking for:

  • A high quality protection net, which improves the stable climate?
  • A chicken coop or other poultry accessories?
  • An electric fence, which is easy to install?
  • An incubator or a plucking machine?
  • The right work clothes?
  • High-quality livestock feed from conventional or organic agriculture?

If this is the case then you are in the right place. We offer you a very wide range of agricultural accessories at particularly fair prices. If you want to buy agricultural equipment, you can do it quickly and easily online.

Livestock accessories for cattle, pigs, sheep & poultry

If you breed chickens, ducks or other poultry then you will love our wide range of farm equipment. For example, if you want to buy a new and high quality incubator, then you should definitely take a look at our incubators. These high-quality devices ensure a perfect hatching and growth climate. You will find in our shop a lot of modern agricultural supplies, which should not be missing on an agriculture in any case.

Electric fence and wicker nets

If you are looking for a new pasture fence for your cattle, sheep or horses, then you will find it here. We also offer top brand quality in these areas. In addition to an electric fence you will also find the right pasture fence accessories such as insulators, electric fence ropes, pasture fence posts and other items that help you to assemble an electric fence. No matter what you are looking for, our agriculture shop is so versatile that every searcher will quickly find the right accessories for his farm. Act today and buy at reasonable prices.

Animal clippers for farm animals & pets

Aesculap, Wahl, Moser, Oster, Heiniger and Kerbl are the most innovative and important clippers manufacturers in Europe. Compare all our shearing machines and choose the right one for you.

Animal feed for cattle, pig feed, poultry feed & more

High-quality & appropriate food is essential for successful animal husbandry and animal welfare. Here you will find quality food from Leimüller from Austrian production as well as Austrian organic food from Göweil.