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Agrarzone B17 electric fence energiser 9V, 0,25 joule in a nutshell:

  • Safely fence in horses, pigs, dogs & cats
  • For small fences without vegetation, e.g. paddocks
  • Robust 9 V battery unit for mobile use
  • LED battery control light included
  • Premium quality, made in Germany

Agrarzone B 17 - 9 V Fence energizer

Ideal energizer for small paddocks and pastures without Vegetation!

An electric fence device is fundamentally responsible for ensuring that animals respect their fenced area and that they always observe this boundary. For this reason, a reliable fence energizer is the heart of every electric fence. Depending on the animal species, the length of the fence or the vegetation, the fence energizer must be adapted to the corresponding requirements.

With the 9 V pasture fence device Agrarzone B 17, mobile fence systems can be easily constructed. Whether for small horse and cattle pastures or for small animals such as dogs and cats - the universal device guarantees easy operation for everyone thanks to the LED battery control light. The inexpensive battery device, which is ideal for mobile use, includes a connection cable and an earth rod. The unit can be connected to a 12 V battery via an adapter cable (optional, not included).

This device is not suitable for pasture nets. For this we recommend devices with a higher output power, from 2 joules for sensitive small animals and from 4 joules for robust animal species.


  • Universal 9 V fence energizer
  • Battery device with effective output power
  • Incl. LED battery indicator light
  • Country of origin: "Made in Germany" - 3 years guarantee

Application area:

  • Battery device for mobile use
  • Can be used for small paddocks without vegetation
  • Ideally suited for keeping small animals such as pigs, small dogs and cats

Technical data:

  • Max. Voltage: 9.400 V
  • Voltage at no-load: 9,400 V
  • Voltage at 500 Ohm: 2,600 V
  • Max. Charging energy: 0.25 J
  • Max. Discharge energy: 0.17 J
  • Theoretical fence length: 7 km
  • Max. fence length Fence length without vegetation: 3 km
  • Max. fence length Fence length with medium vegetation: 1 km
  • Max. fence length Max. fence length with high vegetation: 0.3 km
  • Current consumption: 13 mA - 19 mA
  • Required number of 1 m ground stakes: 1 piece
  • For these species: horse, pig, dog, cat


1x Agrarzone electric fence device B17
1x Fence connection cable
1x Earthing cable
1x Earth rod
1x Instruction manual

Note: No battery and cable for 12 V Connection included in the scope of delivery!

Manufacturer "Agrarzone"

Agrarzone - Agriculture with passion

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Output Energy: 0,17 Joule
Charge energie: 0,25 Joule
Voltage: 9.400 V
Power source: Battery, Rechargeable battery
Animal species: Cat, Dog, Horse, Pig
Fence length no plant cover: 3 km
Fence length strong plant cover: 0,3 km
Fence length light plant cover: 1 km

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