Delizia horse lick tub Bronchial 6 kg in a nutshell:

  • ideal for use in the pasture, paddock or stable
  • in a food-safe feeding tub

Delizia horse lick tub Bronchial 6 kg

The delizia lick tube Bronchial is a mineral, vitamin and trace element mix with herbs for the total care of your horse.


  • ideal for use in the pasture, paddock or stable
  • additional provision of mineral feed or mineralised concentrate is not necessary
  • the herbs included are beneficial and have a freeing effect on the entire respiratory system, strengthening resistance in a natural way
  • packed in a food-safe feeding tub which can be re-used afterwards

Feeding recommendation:

  • 300 g per animal per day


  • 6 kg
Manufacturer "Kerbl"

Kerbl - tradition meets innovation in agriculture

Kerbl not only stands for decades of expertise in the field of animal accessories, but also for a deep connection to agriculture. As a global company, Kerbl offers an extensive range, ranging from agricultural products to equestrian and pet supplies through to stable, yard and electric fence supplies. With over 50 years of success in animal breeding and animal husbandry, Kerbl is constantly committed to improving the everyday lives of farmers, breeders and animal lovers through innovative solutions. Experience the world of Kerbl - where tradition and progress go hand in hand.

Type of feed: Supplementary Feed
Country of origin: Germany
Animal species: Horse

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