Chicken laying nest plastic for outdoor use in a nutshell:

  • Laying nest made of plastic
  • With inspection flap
  • Inclined bottom for easy removal of eggs
  • Easy to clean
  • For hanging up or standing

Laying nest chickens - Plastic laying nest to hang on the outside of the coop

Kerbl Laying nest made of plastic with collecting tray and plastic step for easy removal of the eggs.

This stable Laying nest offers chickens a clean, protected environment in which to lay their eggs. The eggs roll automatically into the integrated collection tray after laying. The eggs roll carefully into the drawer and can be easily collected by you.

The collection tray is made of very sturdy plastic. The lid of the chicken laying nest is hinged and allows easy access to the laid eggs. Through the roll-off nest, the chickens do not get to the eggs and can not peck them broken. The plastic laying nest is easy to clean and improves the hygiene in your chicken coop sustainable.

The back of the chicken laying nest is closed, because the nest is attached to a wall on the outside of the chicken coop. The 4 pre-drilled mounting holes on the edge allow a quick attachment and a secure hold of the Kerbl laying nest on any wall.

Kerbl Laying nest at a glance

  • Completely made of plastic
  • With inspection flap
  • Eggs roll automatically into a collecting container after laying
  • Eggs can be collected easily
  • provides a clean environment for chickens to lay eggs from the outside of the hen house to attach
  • Allows egg collection without having to enter the hen house
  • Inclined floor for easy egg removal
  • With inspection flap
  • For hanging
  • Material: plastic
  • Unassembled


  • Size (l x w x h): 37 x 44 x 49.5 cm

Scope of delivery:

1 x laying nest for chickens made of plastic

Manufacturer "Kerbl"

Kerbl - tradition meets innovation in agriculture

Kerbl not only stands for decades of expertise in the field of animal accessories, but also for a deep connection to agriculture. As a global company, Kerbl offers an extensive range, ranging from agricultural products to equestrian and pet supplies through to stable, yard and electric fence supplies. With over 50 years of success in animal breeding and animal husbandry, Kerbl is constantly committed to improving the everyday lives of farmers, breeders and animal lovers through innovative solutions. Experience the world of Kerbl - where tradition and progress go hand in hand.

Country of origin: EU
Animal species: Poultry
Material: Plastic

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