EcoBusters Fly Trap Set incl. Attractant in a nutshell:

  • Fly trap for up to 90% less flies
  • For pasture, around the barn, in the garden or at the campsite
  • Special one-way openings
  • Natural attractant made from fermented yeast
  • Environmentally friendly - non-toxic

EcoBusters Fly Trap Set incl. Attractant

The effective Ecobusters fly trap provides a fly-free environment for animals and humans! The fly trap is indidivudell applicable - whether in the pasture, around the stable, in the garden or on the campsite.

The pasture fly trap is perfectly suitable for use in large outdoor areas and helps to create a fly free zone to create. The flies are attracted by the smell of the natural attractant in the bucket. They get through the special one-way openings into the fly trap and can no longer escape.

The attractant is made of additive approved fermented yeast (for use in the food industry) and baking powder. It has to be mixed with lukewarm water and is activated by heat and sunlight. It is approved by the feeding industry and is environmentally friendly. The smell attracts flies very effectively. The recommended quantity of attractant per bucket is 240g (6 x 40g bags). As long as the bags are not in use, the attractant must be kept dry below 25°C and out of reach of children.

The natural attractant is not interesting for bees and birds do not fit through the openings! Therefore, there is no risk of attracting useful insects or birds.


  • Pasture fly trap for fly control
  • Up to 90% less flies
  • Fly-free zones in the pasture, around the stable, in the garden or at the campsite
  • Special one-way openings prevent flies from escaping
  • Natural attractant made from fermented yeast effectively attracts flies
  • Environmentally friendly - non-toxic, no impact on the environment
  • Remains active for up to 60 days


  1. Pour the attractant into the yellow bucket and dissolve it with 6 liters of lukewarm water, then close the bucket with the unique twist cap.
  2. Place it 10 - 15 meters away from the desired area. Ideally, the bucket should hang at a height of ~ 1.5 meters in the sun.
  3. The odor of the natural attractant will attract the flies. The special one-way openings safely prevent flies trapped in the bucket from escaping. Depending on how many flies are in the area, several buckets must be placed about 50 meters apart to keep the area free of flies.
  4. After about 6-8 weeks or when the bucket is very full of flies, the bucket must be emptied and a new attractant mixed with water.

Scope of delivery:

1x EcoBusters Fly Trap Bucket
1x 240g Attractant

Animal species: Horse

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Attractant for EcoBusters Fly Trap
Attractant for EcoBusters Fly Trap 6 x 40 g attractant for the EcoBusters fly trap for refilling. For an effective fly control the EcoBusters fly trap should be emptied every 6 - 8 weeks and filled with a new attractant. To do this, dispose the old attractant with the trapped flies at the manure pile and mix the fresh attractant with 6 l of lukewarm water in the bucket. When the bucket is hung up in the sun it effectively attracts flies with the smell. The environment is thus almost fly-free. Whether in the stable, on the pasture, the camping site or in parks - enjoy you and your animals up to 90% less flies. Overview: To refill the EcoBusters fly trap For barn, pasture, campground, parks, etc. For an almost fly-free environment Scope of delivery: 6x 40g attractant for EcoBusters fly trap

Content: 0.24 Kilogram (€166.63* / 1 Kilogram)

CIT Fly Trap FlyCage6 incl. attractant
cit fly trap FlyCage6 Extremely effective and great dimensioned fly trap for pastures, gardens, campsites, etc. filled with the special FlyCage attractant mixture, up to 90% of flies from the surrounding area are caught With the original FlyCage attractant, the trap works for up to 3 months Reusable after refilling with attractant only for outdoor use, ideal from April to October For best catching success, only use original FlyCage fly attractant Capacity: 6 l of water and 750 g of FlyCage fly attractant Note: Only use outdoors. Mixing ratio: FlyCage fly attractant with water in a ratio of 1:8 Scope of delivery: FlyCage 6 incl. lid 6 grid inserts 750 g attractant

€42.90* €44.99*
cit Fly attractant FlyCage 750 g
cit Fly attractant FlyCage 750g - biological and effective fly control The cit Fly attractant FlyCage 750g represents an effective, biological means to combat fly. Whether in the stable, in agriculture, in the garden or in camping - this attractant trap contributes to this, the presence to reduce significantly from flies. This flaming block is an effective natural attractant that was specially developed for use in fly traps. It offers an effective and poison -free fly reduction , ideal for an environmentally conscious use. In addition, it impresses with its long period of time of up to three months, which makes it a sustainable solution for long -term requirements. The application of the fly block agent is easily and quickly learned. This makes it particularly suitable for people who work in agriculture or in flying areas and need an effective, poison -free and long -lasting method for flying. overview: Effective natural attraction for fly traps Effective poison -free fly reduction long efficiency of up to 3 months simple application Technical data: Weight: 750g Effect period: up to 3 months Scope of delivery: 1x CIT cit Fly attractant FlyCage 750g FAQ How long does the CIT fly attractant has an effect? ​​ The flying attractant has an effect period of up to three months. How is the CIT flying attractant used? The fly attractant is easy to use and can be used in any kind of fly trap.

Content: 0.75 Kilogram (€26.65* / 1 Kilogram)