Leovet Respiratory Syrup 1 L in a nutshell:

  • Well-being effect on respiratory tract.
  • With all the power of natural herbs
  • Effectively compensates for nutritional deficiencies
  • Strengthens the immunesystem
  • Dopingrelevant
Product information

Leovet Respiratory Syrup 1 L

With the power of natural herbal extracts for bronchial & respiratory tracts of horses.

The natural ingredients echinacea, anise, fennel, ribwort, chestnut, primrose and thyme are gently prepared for the respiratory syrup as fluid extracts. This concentrated dissolved form is absorbed by the organism as quickly as possible. Nutritional deficiencies or environmental stresses that lead to a disorder in the bronchías & respiratory tract are effectively balanced. Likewise, a weakened immune system can be strengthened again.

The leovet respiratory syrup is doping-relevant, a grace period of 48 h is recommended.


  • Well-being effect on bronchi & respiratory tract.
  • With all the power of natural herbs
  • With anise fruit, echinacea, fennel, primrose, ribwort, thyme & chestnut
  • Effectively compensates for nutritional deficiencies
  • Strengthens the immune System
  • Dopingrelevant - 48 h grace period recommended

Scope of delivery:

1x Leovet Respiratory Syrup 1 L

Animal species: Horse
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Manufacturer "leovet"

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