AKO DUO Power X 6000 smart electric fence energiser, 12V / 230 V, 7,5 Joule in a nutshell:

  • For horses, cattle, sheep and for game defense
  • Remote monitoring and control of fencing systems
  • 12 / 230 volt DUO pasture fence unit
  • Intelligent battery management and deep discharge protection for the 12 v battery
  • Robust, UV-resistant and weatherproof housing

AKO DUO Power X 6000 smart pasture fence device

The innovative Duo Power x6000 smart fencing unit enables convenient and convenient and remote monitoring and control of fencing systems. The fence device offers a direct cloud/internet connection (without wifi) and can be controlled directly via mobile radio without the need for an additional device or wifi in the vicinity.

The AKO Duo Power x6000 smart electric fencer is ideal for mobile or stationary use and is perfect for horses, cattle, sheep as well as for the defense against wild boars and wolves.

The device can be controlled with the free appcontrolled and monitored. You will be notified in real time via push message if there are any problems with the fence or the electric fence device. You can switch the electric fence device switch the fence on and off via the appadjust alarm thresholds (e.g. individual setting of minimum guard voltage) and adjust output power according to your needs. In the app, you can also see information about the current status and historical trends of fence and supply voltage.

The duo device works with 12 / 230 volts and offers maximum flexibility combined with a strong output power. The electric fence unit has an optimized power saving circuit that saves battery power when the fence is in good condition. It also offers intelligent battery management when the battery voltage drops and a Deep discharge protection for the 12-volt battery.

The robust housing is made of impact-resistant, UV-resistant and weatherproof plastic. It has an integrated suspension device for wall mounting. The integrated GPS location function allows you to locate the device, especially in case of theft, once it is connected to a power source.

The electric fence unit is controlled by a microprocessor and complies with the latest safety standards to ensure the highest level of security. The electric fencer complies with the latest EU safety standards.

Notice: Mounting in the metal battery box may restrict the radio connection into the LTE network.


  • 12 / 230 Volt duo pasture fence unit
  • Maximum flexibility combined with strong output power
  • For remote monitoring and control of fence systems
  • Ideal for horses, cattle, sheep and for wild boar and wolf defense
  • Incl. free app download
  • Optimized power consumption due to power saving circuit
  • Intelligent battery management when battery voltage drops
  • Deep discharge protection for the 12 volt battery
  • Solar support possible
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • High safety according to the latest safety standard
  • High / Low / Off switch for 2 different output powers
  • Robust, UV-resistant and weatherproof housing
  • Integrated suspension device for wall mounting
  • Complies with current EU safety standards
  • 4 years warranty

Technical Data:

  • Charging energy: 7.5 J
  • max. discharge energy: 5 J
  • max. voltage: 12400 V
  • Open circuit voltage: 10400 V
  • Voltage at 500 Ohm: 9600 V
  • theoretical fence length acc. to vde: 130 km
  • max. fence length without vegetation: 40 km
  • max. fence length with medium vegetation: 11 km
  • max. fence length with high vegetation: 6 km
  • Number of nets: 20
  • Number of 1 m grounding piles: 3
  • Current consumption: 65 mA - 400 mA

Scope of Delivery:

1 x 12/230 volt duo electric fence "smart" incl. unlimited LTE use
1 x 230 volt power supply (371023)
1 x 12 volt connection cable (E268739)
1 x fence/ground connection cable
1 x warning sign

Manufacturer "AKO"

AKO - more than a fence brand!

Behind AKO lies more than 70 years of development expertise in the field of fencing and fence Construction. In addition to the conventional range, which consists of pasture fence posts, insulators, Torkomponenten, pasture fence nets, conductor materials and accessories, you will find the right equipment for every application! In order to help you to choose the right pasture fence, the assortment was divided into different Criteria.

  • All electric fence devices are "Made in Germany" at the german location in Wangen im Allgäu.
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty on all AKO electric fencing devices
  • In-house development team for further and new development of the device technology
  • 100% quality control - each AKO energiser is individually tested for function and Performance.

AKO Classic - inexpensive electric fencers for beginners

The low-cost entry-level machines are designed for standard fences and offer not only effective performance but also solid Equipment. The function of the energizer may be via a control lamp for the appliance or the Fence.

Power N 3500: 230 V power supply for the more demanding usePower AD 3300: Cordless 12 V for longer fences and normal grassCompact Power B 40: Battery unit 3 V for smaller fences without vegetation

AKO Premium - Electric Fences with comfortable functions

The AKO premium electric fence devices have digital displays for comfortable reading of all important information about the device and fence System. The most powerful devices meet the highest Demands. Long fencing and difficult conditions are no problem with these fencing Devices. In addition, the devices have an intelligent adaptation to the fence state and the alarm functions ensure maximum safety for humans and Animals.

Power Profi NDi 15000 Digital: Power supply unit 230 V, for extreme fence lengths, fouling conditions and very robust animalsPower Station BD 600 Digital: Battery unit 9 V for longer fences and stronger vegetationMobil Power AD 5000 Digital: cordless device for mobile, extreme applications

AKO Expert - full-range willow tweezers

The LED displays of the Expert Electric Fencers allow a simple optical control of the current condition of the fence and the equipment at a Glance. The energizers work with high output for demanding and long Fences. The good equipment ensures high flexibility in the Application.

Power Profi NDi 10000: power supply 230 V for robust animals and for boar defenseMobil Power AN 5500: Cordless device 12 V for long fences and strong grass growthEco Power B 500 Plus: Battery device for long fences and little vegetationIn addition to the normal categories, there are still the Duo devices Classic (12V / 230 V) and Electric Fences solar in our shop to buy

Grounding rod 1 m: 3 pc
Charge energie: 7,50 Joule
Voltage no load: 10.400 V
Power consumption: 65-400 mA
Animal species: Cattle, Horse, Sheep, Wild boar, Wld animal, Wolf
Fence length no plant cover: 40 km
Fence length strong plant cover: 6 km
Fence length light plant cover: 11 km

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Special ground rod 1 m
Special ground rod 1 m made of galvanised T-shaped steel incl. M8 screw (stainless steel) for ground connection cable

Fence/Earth Connection Cable 3 m
with M8 eyelets connects fencer and ground rod excellent connection between indoors energizer to outside ground rod also suitable for connecting several ground rods

AKO Premium AGM battery 12 V 88-110Ah 110 ah
AKO Premium AGM battery 12 V 88-110Ah The premium cordless tool AGM is an effective 12 volt cordless tool for mobile use, also ideal for horse and cattle fences. Overview: Rechargeable AGM-Vließakku ready for immediate use 1 year warranty (Attention: with deep discharge no warranty claim) Capacity specifications for a 100-hour standard discharge (C100) lower self-discharge compared to standard batteries in original equipment manufacturer quality (OEM) Note: AGM batteries are a closed system. No warranty claim when the battery is open! The new alternative to common lead-acid batteries. The AGM-Vließ technology makes the handling of battery acid superfluous. Vließakkus are absolutely leak-proof, maintenance-free and extremely cycle-resistant!

Solar Panel 55 W incl. charge controller
Solar panel 55 watt with charge controller The 55 watt solar module for pasture fence equipment provides a reliable power supply for your pasture fences. When properly sized, the module self-regulates to ensure optimal performance for your pasture fence. It contains an integrated charge controllerwhich monitors and controls the charging process of the connected battery. The charge controller protects the battery from overcharging, deep discharging and overheating, which prolongs the life of the battery. In addition, the charge controller enables more efficient use of solar energy by adjusting the charging current according to the needs of the battery. This is especially important when the electric fence unit has variable power consumption or when solar irradiation fluctuates. For secure mounting, 4 stainless steel clamping plates and m8 screws are supplied. These ensure a stable mounting of the solar module. in addition, it is possible to mount the module with the spiral ground anchor set 26858, but this is not included in the delivery. The solar module is connected directly to the 12 volt battery Solar cable length of 200 cm you have flexibility in the installation. You can easily reach the battery and place the solar panel in the optimal location. The solar module has a 5-year performance warrantyto provide you with additional security and reliability. Overview: Reliable power supply for electric fencing equipment Self-regulating (if correctly dimensioned) Power: 55 watts Charge controller for long battery life For connection directly to the 12 volt battery Incl. 4x stainless steel clamping plate + screws m8 Mounting on spiral ground anchor set 26858 possible (not included) Suitable for e.g. agrarzone a 5000, Kerbl TITaN a 7500, aKO Duo Power Xi 8000 uvm. Solar cable length 200 cm 5 years power warranty Size: Width: 54 cm Height: 68 cm Depth: 2,5 cm Scope of delivery: 1x solar panel 55 Watt with charge controller 4 x stainless steel clamping plate + screws m8 1x solar cable 200 cm