AKO DUO Power Xi8000 Smart 12 V Fence Device, 12 Joule in a nutshell:

Ako Duo Power Xi 8000 Smart 12/230V electrifier: Power and flexibility for your fences h2>

improves the efficiency of your fences with Ako Duo Power H3>

We present the electrifier Ako Duo Power XI 8000 Smart 12/230V , an extremely powerful device ideal for both a mobile and stationary use. Its effectiveness is guaranteed even in the presence of strong vegetation, making it a versatile device, ideal for a wide range of animals, including horses, bulls, sheep, and to effectively reject wild boars and wolves.

This dual-power electrifier can work both 12V and 230V, offering maximum combined flexibility with high output power. Equipped with a multicolored LED bar indicator (consisting of 10 LEDs), it allows effective monitoring of the output voltage and the battery status. In addition, thanks to its advanced energy management, save battery energy in the presence of a good condition of the fence, while protecting the 12V battery from deep discharges.

The electrifier Ako Duo Power XI 8000 Smart 12/230V also has an alarm function that constantly monitors the fence and, in the event of prolonged contact, emits an alarm and slows down the sequence of the impulses. This feature, together with the delayed adaptation of the discharge power, guarantees a greater level of security for people and animals.

Ako Duo Power XI 8000 Smart 12/230V electrifier in summary: H3>

  • 12/230V Dual-Power operation for flexible use
  • Suitable for fences with strong vegetation
  • Perfect for various types of animals and to reject wild boars and wolves
  • Multicolor LED bar indicator for effective monitoring
  • Alarm function for constant monitoring of the enclosure

Technical specifications: H3>

  • Input voltage: 12/230v
  • Advanced energy management with energy saving and protection from deep discharges
  • Alarm function with detection of prolonged contact and slowdown in the sequence of impulses
  • Delayed adaptation of the discharge power for a greater level of security
  • Multicolor LED bar indicator
  • Support for solar power
  • controlled by microprocessor
  • Upper, UV rays and weather resistant
  • In accordance with EU security regulations
  • 4 -year guarantee

The supply includes: H3>

1x Electrifier Ako Duo Power XI 8000 Smart 12/230v

Frequently questions: H3>

can I use the Ako Duo Power XI 8000 Smart electrifier with a 12v battery?

Yes, the electrifier Ako Duo Power XI 8000 Smart can work both with a 12V battery, also offering protection against deep discharges, and connected to the 230V electrical network.

The electrifier Ako Duo Power XI 8000 Smart is unrehemous resistant?

Yes, thanks to the use of high quality plastics, the electrifier Ako Duo Power XI 8000 Smart is robust, impact resistant, UV rays and weather.

Manufacturer "AKO"

AKO - more than a fence brand!

Behind AKO lies more than 70 years of development expertise in the field of fencing and fence Construction. In addition to the conventional range, which consists of pasture fence posts, insulators, Torkomponenten, pasture fence nets, conductor materials and accessories, you will find the right equipment for every application! In order to help you to choose the right pasture fence, the assortment was divided into different Criteria.

  • All electric fence devices are "Made in Germany" at the german location in Wangen im Allgäu.
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty on all AKO electric fencing devices
  • In-house development team for further and new development of the device technology
  • 100% quality control - each AKO energiser is individually tested for function and Performance.

AKO Classic - inexpensive electric fencers for beginners

The low-cost entry-level machines are designed for standard fences and offer not only effective performance but also solid Equipment. The function of the energizer may be via a control lamp for the appliance or the Fence.

Power N 3500: 230 V power supply for the more demanding usePower AD 3300: Cordless 12 V for longer fences and normal grassCompact Power B 40: Battery unit 3 V for smaller fences without vegetation

AKO Premium - Electric Fences with comfortable functions

The AKO premium electric fence devices have digital displays for comfortable reading of all important information about the device and fence System. The most powerful devices meet the highest Demands. Long fencing and difficult conditions are no problem with these fencing Devices. In addition, the devices have an intelligent adaptation to the fence state and the alarm functions ensure maximum safety for humans and Animals.

Power Profi NDi 15000 Digital: Power supply unit 230 V, for extreme fence lengths, fouling conditions and very robust animalsPower Station BD 600 Digital: Battery unit 9 V for longer fences and stronger vegetationMobil Power AD 5000 Digital: cordless device for mobile, extreme applications

AKO Expert - full-range willow tweezers

The LED displays of the Expert Electric Fencers allow a simple optical control of the current condition of the fence and the equipment at a Glance. The energizers work with high output for demanding and long Fences. The good equipment ensures high flexibility in the Application.

Power Profi NDi 10000: power supply 230 V for robust animals and for boar defenseMobil Power AN 5500: Cordless device 12 V for long fences and strong grass growthEco Power B 500 Plus: Battery device for long fences and little vegetationIn addition to the normal categories, there are still the Duo devices Classic (12V / 230 V) and Electric Fences solar in our shop to buy

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