Hoardings & Panels

  • ideal for fast and flexible fencing
  • high stability with low dead weight
  • Assembly without tools possible
  • good, secure stand due to U-shaped base

What are hoardings & panels?

Panels and clip-on hoardings are fence elements for mobile fence systems. Individual panels can be plugged together without any tools and thus create a stable animal fence.

In contrast to fencing systems with conductor materials, you only need a few individual elements for the assembly of panels and clip-on hoardings. Simply assemble and connect the side parts and the temporary box is ready to use.

The hot-dip galvanised but lightweight steel tubes provide high stability and are ready for use in all weathers.

For animals with a strong urge to escape, a mechanical barrier is often not enough. Therefore an additional electrical impulse can be led through the fence.

With 4 questions to the ideal mobile fence:

1. When should you use panels and plug-in hoardings?

In general, panels and plug-in hoardings are suitable for building mobile and flexible fencing, as well as for temporary boxes and stables. This type of fencing is also suitable for pre-gathering rooms, pens, individual and group boxes or stable partitions.

2. How are the pasture panels and push-in shelves held together?

Panels are joined together with quick chain fasteners. A chain from one panel is hooked into the locking device of the next panel. Plug-in hoardings are simply plugged together. In doing so, a plug-in element is inserted into the connecting plate of the second element.

3. How many individual elements are required?

How many panels or plug-in elements are required depends on how large your mobile pasture is to be. Basically you need at least four elements, which together form a rectangle.

4. how does your animal get into the mobile fencing system?

You can either detach a panel/plug-in element and guide the animal through, or you can install a suitable gate.

Panels and plug-in elements with gate can be opened and closed with a locking bolt. In this way the fence stays in place and the animal can enter and exit more easily.

Which accessories are useful for pasture fence panels and push-fit shelves?

Extension elements for driveways and mobile treatment units: Do you want to steer your animal from A to B? Useful extension elements not only connect individual panels, but also individual corridors or passages can be plugged in.

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