Pasture Gate

  • Allows easy access without compromising hat safety
  • Made of robust and durable steel tubes
  • Ideal for stable, riding arena, paddock and pasture
  • Adjustable or fixed pasture gates available

What is a pasture gate?

Pasture gates provide quick and easy access to your electric fence. The robust construction ensures that you are safe despite the opening in the pasture fence.

Pasture gates are weatherproof. Even snow and wind cannot harm the pasture gate. Galvanized pasture gates are characterized by their stability and long life.

Adjustable or fixed gates are available so that the pasture gate can be optimally integrated into your pasture fence system.

With 3 questions to the suitable pasture gate for your fence.

1. On which pasture post can a pasture gate be mounted?

A pasture gate can be mounted on stable wooden posts or metal posts. Make sure you use the appropriate screws for secure mounting.

2. For which animal is a pasture gate suitable?

A pasture gate is suitable for herding various animals, whether cattle, sheep, goats or horses.

Fixed pasture gates are especially recommended for horses, ponies and cattle as they are even more stable than adjustable pasture gates.

3. Do I need an adjustable or rigid pasture gate?

Which pasture gate you need depends on the size of the opening in your fence.

Fixed pasture gates are manufactured in gate widths of 3 to 6 metres.

Adjustable gates can be pulled out individually. You can adjust the gate from 1 to 6 metres in length.

Which accessories are suitable for the pasture gate:

Safely locked: By means of a swing-trough lock or locking bolt, pasture gates can be additionally securely locked.

Prevent the gate from sinking sideways with a stabiliser wheel: From a gate size of 3 metres, a support wheel helps to prevent the gate from sinking on one side.

Mounting set for fixing to the fence post: The mounting set contains all the hinges, nuts, screws and fasteners required. It is also suitable for all common pasture gates.

Electric kit for your pasture gate: With the electric kit your pasture gate can be easily electrified. The set contains all the necessary accessories.

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