Buy a Pitchfork for easy work in the stable

A pitchfork (hay rake or hay fork) is ideal for moving loose hay. The hay fork is the ideal tool if you load hay onto a trailer, distribute it in the feed troughs or fill a cattle hay rack or hay rack for horses. Hay forks usually have a wooden handle and are available with 3 or 4 pointed tines.

Litter Fork & Bedding Fork for mucking out in the stable

Litter Forks have the task of picking up the manure and therefore usually have several tines. Metal models are particularly robust and the tines do not break off easily. Manure fork models made of plastic are lighter and the tines are more flexible. As a dung shovel for horse droppings, the Mistboy with shovel and rake is perfect.

The Bedding Fork is used to move the bedding - similar to the Pitchfork. Models with 3-4 tines are also suitable as bedding forks. For hygienic reasons, you should use different forks for hay and bedding.