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Ants can become a nuisance: especially if you flock to the balcony or find paths in the house or stable. To fight ants effectively, ant poison and ant traps are ideal. These are available in different versions either as ant bait, ant stray or ant spray and can be used in the garden, terrace and balcony, but also in the house, in commercial operations or in agriculture.

Ants Control Overview:

The type of ant control you prefer depends on the type and location of the infestation and whether you have already found the ant nest. A basic distinction is made between the following products and areas of application for ant elimination:

  1. Ant trap & ant bait: Against ant streets Indoor & Outdoor
  2. Environmentally friendly ant spray: Against individual ants Indoor
  3. Ant stray: Against ant roads Outdoor
  4. Ant spray: Against ant roads Outdoor & for destruction of the ant nest

1. Ant trap & ant bait against ant streets Indoor & Outdoor

Ant traps and ant baits are placed directly on the ant road in the house, terrace or balcony, but also in the animal stable or in commercial establishments (like bakery, catering). These ant traps are also excellent for use in catering and animal stalls.

This is why the ants breakfast is effective against ants: The ants take up the ant poison and carry it back into the nest. Thus they poison all ants in the colony and effectively eradicate the ants' nest. Ant baits are generally the least dangerous for childs and animals because they have no direct contact with the poison here. However, caution is advised as small children and animals could destroy the bait boxes.

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Environmentally friendly ant spray against individual ants Indoor

Our environmentally friendly ant sprays at Agrarzone are sprayed directly onto the ants, which means that they are effectively destroyed by the blowing agent air. The ant sprays can be used in all rooms (including kitchens and children's rooms) and do no harm to humans or animals. These ant sprays are also excellent for use in catering and animal stalls. Read label and product information before use!

Versatile application: The effective ant sprays also work against all other insects such as flies, gadflies, mosquitoes, gnats, cockroaches, cockroaches etc.!

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3. Ant stray against ant roads Outdoor

Ant stray is sprinkled directly on the ant road in the garden or on the pasture. There the ant stray remains toxic for several days.

Ant stray helps against ants: The ants take up the ant poison and carry it back into the nest. Thus they poison all ants in the colony and effectively eradicate the ants' nest. Please only use ant granulate if small child and animals are not in the garden or on the pasture within the next few days. Ants stray is toxic and should therefore be used and kept out of the reach of small children and animals.

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4. Ant spray against ant roads Outdoor and for destruction of the ant nest

Ant spray acts as a contact poison and is sprayed directly onto the ants. If you have already found the ant nest, you can destroy it directly with ant spray. Ant spray is toxic and should therefore be used and kept out of the reach of small children and animals.

Remove ant nest:

To do this, spray the entrances to the ant nest in the wind direction with ant spray. You will either catch the ant queen(s) in this way or the ants will search for a new place after some time. If the ant's nest is destroyed, you can simply dig it up with a shovel or dispose of the remains in the organic waste.

Practical tip: Under no circumstances should you pick up or crush ants. Because ants orient themselves along a trail of fragrances. If you kill the individual animals or suck them up, the scent trail remains and the ants can follow them as usual.

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Prevent ants in the house and garden

No ants in the house with these tips

  1. Do not leave food open: Especially in summer, you should not leave food or food open, but always seal it airtight. This will prevent ants from being attracted to open food sources.
  2. Clean the kitchen regularly: Even food leftovers or food that has fallen on the floor can effectively attract ants. It is therefore important that you regularly clean the kitchen and kitchen floor.
  3. Keep garbage closed: In order to prevent the infestation of ants, the garbage bucket should always be tightly closed and emptied regularly.
  4. Dispose of food infested with ants: If the uninvited guests have already infested food in the house, you should immediately remove this food together with the ants and set up effective ant traps directly on the ant road.
  5. Change animal feed regularly: Make sure that cat or dog food is not left open for too long. Remove the food if your pet has not eaten the food.
  6. Sealing entrances: Seal all entrances such as crevices or cracks effectively with clay, glue or silicone. You should also regularly check door or window seals for leaks.

Keep ants away effectively in the garden

If you are currently creating a terrace or a garden path, you should already take preventive measures to prevent ants.

  1. Paving sand as bedding for paving stones is eliminated, because ants love to nest in it. Use gravel or basalt chippings instead.
  2. Seal joints made of synthetic resin-based paving mortar.
  3. Find out from a specialist dealer about products that effectively suppress ants and weeds and that are permeable to water.
  4. If you already have an ant building in the garden, effective ant traps from Agrarzone will help you to remove the unwanted guests.

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