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Why you need a chicken coop

A henhouse fulfils various functions: Your chickens find protection from wild predators such as foxes and maggots at night. The henhouse also provides a nesting place for laying eggs and perches for sleeping.

To keep your hens healthy and happy to lay eggs for a long time, they need a bright, spacious, clean and safe home. A henhouse offers them that.

In cold weather, the henhouse is the main residence for the chickens and should therefore have the appropriate size and equipment.

Buying a chicken house: 10 things to consider when buying

  1. Match the size of the house to the chickens:

    - Large chickens: 1 square meter for max. 3 chickens
    - Medium-weight chickens: 1 square meter for max. 4 chickens
    - Light chickens: 1 square meter for max. 5 chickens
    - Dwarf chickens: 1 square meter for max. 6 chickens

  2. Calculate the freewheel area correctly:

    Make sure there is enough room to run out. When planning your barn, it is best to calculate about 10-15 square metres of free run area per chicken.

  3. Determine window and ventilation areas:

    To flood your henhouse with sufficient daylight, you can make a simple calculation: Per square meter of floor space, add 0.2 square meters of window area. Windows and ventilation slits in the henhouse should be secured against intruders such as martens and foxes with grilles.

  4. Provide sufficient nests for laying hens:

    Chickens need a nest to lay their eggs. One nest is usually sufficient for 5 hens. If you only keep 5 chickens, you should however provide a second one. Laying nests for chickens are available in various designs (e.g. wooden laying nest, plastic laying nest, plastic and metal laying nest). Make sure that the litter base is removable. This makes cleaning easier for you.

  5. Dimension the perches:

    To sleep, chickens need perches. Calculate about 20-30 cm per chicken including empty places. The perches for your chickens should be made of round wood. On metal, for example, the chickens can hardly find a firm hold.

    When assembling the perches, make sure that the perches are placed at least one tail length away from the back wall. This will prevent injuries. Also make sure that the perches are mounted at the same height so that there are no rank fights.

  6. Correct choice of material:

    The materials of your henhouse should be resistant and easy to clean. Various hardwoods, varnished with water-based wood preservatives, are suitable. Or eco-plastics made of a wood-plastic mixture. The floor of your henhouse should be covered with sand, sawdust, wood chips or straw so that the animals can follow their natural scratching instinct.

  7. Isolate the henhouse:

    The temperature in the henhouse should not drop below 5 degrees. You can ensure this with appropriate insulation or, in cold areas, with a heating system for the henhouse.

  8. Choice of location:

    Chickens tolerate "dry" cold better than, say, summer heat. You should make sure that the henhouse is not in the blazing sun.

  9. Good access for you:

    Your henhouse should have a hinged roof, separately lockable side doors and an access hatch to the nesting area. This makes cleaning and egg collection easier and the animals feel less disturbed.

  10. Sliding windows for air circulation:

    Your henhouse should have a sliding window with a protective grill. In this way you can keep away unwanted intruders such as foxes and martens and still provide healthy fresh air in the house.

These accessories from Agrarzone fit your chicken house

Automatic chicken flap: The door to your chicken house opens and closes automatically with an automatic chicken flap, so that your chickens get enough free run.

Infrared heaters and lamps: For the breeding in your chicken house you will find different infrared heaters:

  • Radiant heater with 2.5 m cable
  • Infrared heat radiator 150W
  • Infrared radiant heater 250W
  • Infrared radiant heater with economy switch 5m
  • Infrared heat radiating device incl. hard glass lamp 250W

and the matching lamps:

  • Infrared energy saving lamp with 100W and 175W, with clear or red glass
  • Infrared lamps of hard glass in 150W or 250W, with red or clear glass

Vitamin Concentrate: Vitamin Concentrate AD3CE 1000ml and Vitamin Concentrate AD3CE 500ml for poultry are suitable for short-term nutritional supplementation for chickens in case of increased vitamin requirements, e.g. in stressful situations such as change of house or change of feed.

Outdoor enclosures and chicken fences: For the extension of your chicken house you will find various outdoor enclosures and chicken nets:

  • Outdoor enclosure with 330cm
  • Outdoor enclosure with 330cm and escape barrier
  • Outdoor enclosure with 440cm
  • Poultry Nettings

Poultry drinker: The chicken house equipment also includes the appropriate poultry drinker. We recommend the use of a heatable chicken drinker especially for chick rearing.

Feed trough for poultry: In the Agrarzone shop you will find various feed troughs and feeders made of unbreakable and food-safe plastic or metal.

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All products comply with the statutory safety standards: All our agricultural equipment has been tested by the legislator. All electrifiable products such as pasture fences or pasture nets are safe for people and animals. This is guaranteed by compliance with the statutory safety standards.

Only products from well-known Austrian or German manufacturers: Due to the high quality, there are fewer defects and you have less maintenance effort. Calculated over several years you save money.