Chicken Netting & Fence 15m to 50m order online

By default, a chicken fence is 112 cm to 150 cm high. The length of the chicken net can be chosen between 15 meters, 25 meters and 50 meters, whereby the chicken nets can also join together and thereby extend.

Chicken net not electrifiable without electricity

A powerless chicken fence effectively protects your chickens from leaving the designated area. Whether next to a road or on the lawn - your animals are first trapped in the chicken net, stay there and are safely kept safe.

Electrified chicken net with electricity

The danger that chickens, turkeys and quail out of the net is not great. However, there are other animals just waiting to enter. You protected yourself against this danger by electrifying the chicken net. This is not dangerous for your chickens, but Mader, Fuchs, etc. are kept from entering the chicken fence.