Injection syringe & drencher for easy treatment of your livestock

With drencher, injection syringes and vaccination sticks, you can give your livestock (like sheep, cows or pigs) fluids, medication and food supplements easily and stress-free.

Thanks to drenchers, hypodermic syringes and vaccination sticks, administering medication is easy. Agrarzone offers various products to offer you exactly the right equipment for treating your animals.

At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of different drencher guns and injection syringes for the various requirements in veterinary treatment. The range at Agrarzone includes larger injection syringes for cattle, cows and pigs, as well as more manageable products for piglets, calves and poultry, so that every animal receives appropriate treatment.

With drencher guns the correct dosage of feed supplements or medication, such as like a wormer, injected directly into the animal's mouth.

The advantage of vaccination sticks is that the animals can also be treated from a safe distance.

Injection syringes are particularly important for the correct administration and dosage of different medicaments in livestock farming.

In this category you will also find a comprehensive range of practical accessories and spare parts for drenchers and dosing syringes such as needles, extensions, replacement cylinders, seals and replacement Luer-Lock Systems.

What does drenching mean?

Drenching means the oral administration of medicaments and fluids to farm animals such as cows, sheep, pigs, goats or other ruminants, like with an electrolytic treatment. Basically, the mouthpiece of the drencher is made of sturdy metal to withstand the chewing movements of the farm animals. In combination with a suitable catheter, a drencher can also be used for uterine irrigation.

What is the difference between an drencher and an injection syringe?

In normal commercial use, drenchers and injection syringes are often thrown into the same drawer, namely as an effective aid in the veterinary field for administering medicaments and liquids. However, if you take a closer look at the two terms, the following differences can be identified:

  • Injection syringe: Injection syringes (also hypodermic syringes or injectors) are suitable - as the name already suggests - for injecting medication in small doses. Injection syringes are therefore very important for the correct administration of a wide variety of vaccines and medicaments in livestock farming.
  • Drencher: Syringe drenchers (also calf drenchers) are particularly popular in calf rearing. With a drencher, calves are supplied with important fluids and nutritional supplements during the first hours of life, which they need for the survival and healthy development of the organism. Other animals such as sheep, pigs and goats are also treated with a drencher in the event of illness or in other situations.

You can buy these drenchers and hypodermic syringes at Agrarzone:

Drencher & syringe combination:

Injection syringes:

Drencher for farm animals

With the popular Kerbl Drencher you can optimally and stress-free supply your livestock with fluids and food supplements.

Do you need an all-round tool for drenching and administering vaccines and medication? Then the Kerbl injection syringe Drencher is ideal for self-filling. A combination of an Drencher syringe and an injection syringe for offers also the automatic self-filling syringe in a tube version from Henke Sass Wolf. Animal-friendly and precise thanks to the infinitely variable dosage setting, the self-filling syringe can also be used as an injection syringe with a separate adapter.

Injection syringes & needles for easy treatment of your livestock

Injection syringes, needles and cannulas are particularly important for the correct administration and dosage of different medicaments in livestock farming.

Disposable syringes are used for one-off dosing of medicaments and meet the highest demands in medical areas. Disposable syringes are sterile packed in individual packaging and are particularly popular in veterinary medicine and among veterinarians.

The basic equipment of every veterinarian and farmer includes a precise and continuously adjustable all-round self-filling syringe. The self-filling Syringe as a tube version, ideal for treating larger herds of animals.

It becomes particularly practical with an automatic self-filling syringe with a bottle attachment. So you can easily attach medicine bottles up to 100 ml to the thread of the self-filling syringe.

If you want to mount larger or misshapen medicine bottles on a self-filling syringe, it is best to use a self-filling syringe with a universal adapter set for different medicine bottles in different sizes and shapes up to 500 ml and larger. Different medicine bottles can also be attached to the FERRO-MATIC injection syringe thanks to the bottle adapter supplied.

If you want to administer two different medications to your livestock at the same time, an automatic self-filling syringe with two cylinders for the simultaneous administration of two medications without mixing is perfect.

With the HSW HENKE-JECT TBC dosing syringe you can examine your newly introduced livestock for tuberculosis. The dosing syringe is specially designed for regular tuberculosis monitoring (tuberculosis) in cattle, sheep, etc. and has a transparent glass cylinder for the visual verification of tuberculosis.

The dosing syringe HSW ROUX-Revolver and the HSW MULTI-MATIC dosing syringe are ideal for series vaccinations. For safe use, you should keep a safe distance from the animal if possible.

A vaccination stick ensures an improved distance from the animal and is ideal for mass vaccinations.

Calves drenching properly - Optimal nutrient supply in the first hours of life

Drenching calves with valuable nutrients after calving is essential for the future development of the animal. The adequate supply of nutrients to calves within the first hours of life is a decisive factor in their success as a future dairy cow or slaughter cattle. The organism can only develop optimally and the calf grows up healthy and vital if the calf receives all of the essential nutrients.

This is how drenching works with calves:

  • Position yourself parallel and at the calf's head height.
  • Clamp the calf's head between your hip and the crook of your elbow.
  • Take the lower jaw of the calf and use the other hand to slide the mouthpiece of the drencher sideways into the corner of the mouth, through the diastema and over the base of the tongue.
  • Place it in the cheek pouch or on the base of the tongue to trigger the gullet reflex if you want to enter the medicament directly into the abomasum and avoid the rumen.
  • For use in the rumen, slide the drencher over the base of the tongue. Be careful not to get the drencher into the windpipe.

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