Hearing protection for agriculture, craftsmen and high noise workplaces

Our hearing is an extremely valuable and very sensitive sensory organ. For most people, listening is self-evident. Short-term but also regular overloading of the ears can lead to considerable impairments and even hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss rarely occurs overnight. It builds up a lot more over time and through any unprotected exposure to dangerous noise.

For this reason, the employer must provide suitable hearing protection from as little as 80 dB (A), because from this value irreversible damage to the sensitive auditory cells is possible. Starting with a load of 85 db (A), ear protection is mandatory at the workplace.

With us you will find many hearing protection articles, which are suitable for the optimal protection of the ears. Optionally, the hearing protection is available with integrated FM radio. The level-dependent ear muffs also provide a microphone for optimal communication, which automatically switches off at high noise levels.