Gate systems

  • Large selection of door systems
  • Stable elastic ropes
  • Stable bolts & flexible fasteners
  • Connection sets for rope, strand and tapes

Flexible fence gates

A fence gate is one of the most important elements if you want to keep your animals on the pasture. Fences prevent sheep, cattle, horses and other animals from leaving the pasture in various ways. Depending on the type of animal and the size of the area to be fenced, there are different fences. For a horse fence, flexible gate systems are ideal because they allow easy access to the paddock.

The individual pasture gate systems, which you can buy in the online shop of Agrarzone, differ in particular in the bandwidth and rope length. In addition to the thickness and width of the pasture ladder material, the height is also decisive for the safety of the animals in the fenced area. For smaller animals that are not able to jump, it is sufficient to install the gate systems at a height of 80 or 100 centimetres. For large horses or jumping horses, it is recommended to install the pasture fence at a height of 180 or 200 centimetres.

Flexi Gate or electric fence door

With Flexi-Gates you can easily and conveniently electrify coupling inputs. When you open the gate, the electrical tape or rope rolls up and does not sag. Ako's FlexiGate is ideal as a corner solution or for a compartment separation or pasture fence opening. With a width of 20 mm, the gate system is versatile for horses and cattle pastures. An electric fence door is a very practical and handy electric fence door for fence openings up to 6 or 9 metres. Continuous electrical contact and no more sagging ropes thanks to the flexible pasture gate systems.