Healthy alpaca feed & feed for llamas, camels & new world camelids

Keep your herd healthy with our alpaca feed. The high-quality supplementary feed contains the optimal ratio of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

The alpacas, which originate from South America, are becoming increasingly popular in our country. The fluffy animals are popular as hobby animals, for trekking tours, therapy purposes or as a source of wool. For a healthy alpaca herd and a high quality of wool (fleece), it is important to feed the animals according to their needs.

When is a supplementary feed for alpacas useful?

Alpacas are ruminants, so the basic feed (grass, hay and water) should be offered to the animals all year round. In their home country, however, the soil has a considerably higher content of trace elements and minerals, which is why a supplementary feed enriched with minerals is recommended to balance the basic feed.

A good alpaca feed contains important minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are rare or scarce in our regions. The precisely balanced amount of nutrients supports lactating mares, young animals and stallions in their healthy feed intake.

Alpaca feed as meal or pellets promotes the health & quality of the fleece

Our tasty, natural alpaca feed mixes ensure your alpacas' daily nutritional requirements are met. The feeds contain highly available macro and micro nutrients e.g. protein, fats, vitamins and minerals which are important for a well-functioning organism. The balanced composition of our alpaca feed promotes the health of the animals and ensures fineness and shine in the alpaca wool.

The alpaca concentrate is available from us as meal feed or in pelletised form and can be selected as desired. The advantage of pellets is that the animals cannot select the feed and therefore less feed is left lying around.

Many of our feed mixtures can also be fed to other new world camelids without any problems, e.g. llamas, camels or antelopes.

How much feed do alpacas need?

The supplementary feed for alpacas should, as the name suggests, be fed as a supplement to the basic feed. Due to the high nutrient density, too large a daily ration will overstrain the animals' organism. It is best to orientate yourself on the recommended daily amount for the respective product and make sure that you give sufficient raw fibre-rich hay or grass.

Is the concentrate suitable for young alpacas?

When rearing young animals (crias), a nutrient-rich concentrate is particularly important because young alpacas have a particularly high energy requirement during the growth phase. The protein & energy supplier provides the animals with all important minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The optimal mineral supply supports the development of the young animals and has a positive influence on the later fleece quality.

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About the manufacturer:

EVIT Leimüller's alpaca feed is carefully produced in their own production facility, controlled and only the best ingredients are used. Years of experience in feed production guarantee a pet food perfectly adapted to alpacas. Strict quality controls in our own laboratory as well as at external inspection bodies ensure a permanently high feed quality. During production, all raw materials pass through special cleaning stages that are adapted to the respective raw material.

Leimüller's supplementary feed is naturally GMO-free. The strictly controlled raw materials are mainly sourced from domestic farmers. Raw materials that do not grow in Austria are sourced exclusively from experienced partners with whom we have had a good and trusting working relationship for many years.

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