Automatic chicken door

  • Automatic opening and closing of the chicken door to your poultry house
  • Various control options for the chicken door
  • Integrated safety features to protect your chickens
  • sliding door with guide rail available in 2 sizes

What is an automatic chicken valve and how does it work?

With an automatic chicken door you can open and close the doors on your chicken coop or hen house automatically.

There are different control options for the automatic opening and closing of the chicken door:

  • control with light sensor: Opens and closes depending on daylight
  • time control: Opens and closes at certain times
  • manual control: Opens and closes at the touch of a button directly on the device or via a connected button

An integrated safety function protects your chickens from possible injuries caused by the chicken door when closing. If the slider encounters resistance (e.g. from an animal) when it is shut down, the closing process stops automatically. As soon as the animal has moved away, the automatic chicken door closes completely.

A further safety function prevents unintentional opening in case of short-term brightness. For example, the automatic chicken door does not open in the event of lightning, because the light signal is transmitted with a time delay.

The automatic chicken door can be operated by battery. If there is a power socket nearby, you can connect your automatic chicken door directly to the mains using the 230V power supply.

When is an automatic chicken valve the right thing for me?

You would like to protect your poultry from predators: With an automatic chicken door it doesn't matter if you forget to close the chicken house in the evening or cannot do so in time. The chicken door closes automatically and your chickens are protected against intruders such as foxes and martens.

You want to save time: With an automatic chicken door you do not have to open and close your chicken house manually several times a day to give the animals their free run. You save valuable time that you can use efficiently elsewhere.

Your chickens should get enough free run even on weekends: Thanks to the timer function, you can set your automatic chicken door to different times for opening and closing. Your chickens get enough free run even at the weekend and you can sleep in peace.

This accessory from the Agrarzone shop fits to your automatic chicken door

Slide for automatic chicken door: The robust aluminium slide closes your chicken house and protects your poultry from predators such as mader and fox.

Spare string with bead: The cord connects the control unit with the chicken door and is used to open and close it. We recommend always having a spare cord ready in case it should break.

Spare pulley: Weather and other environmental influences can damage the pulleys of your automatic chicken door. We recommend always having a set of spare pulleys at home.

Replacement light sensor: The light sensor controls the opening and closing of the automatic chicken door depending on the light.

Power supply adapter: The power supply unit allows you to connect your automatic chicken door directly to the power outlet.

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