Automatic chicken door opener for poultry houses

An automatic chicken door opens and closes the door of the henhouse fully automatically by means of light sensor or at fixed times, which were set in advance. The chicken door can either be operated flexibly with battery or via 230V mains adapter.

What is an automatic chicken door

An automatic chicken door opens and closes the door of the chicken coop fully automatically. The electronic chicken flap opens the door of the chicken coop by means of a light sensor or with the timer function at fixed times, which were set in advance. The chicken door can either be operated flexibly with battery or via 230V mains adapter. The chickens must of course first get used to the electronic chicken flap, but the animals do it quite quickly. The automatic chicken door is equipped with security features. By a time delay of the light signal unwanted opening can be prevented by flashing. If the slide encounters resistance by an animal during closing, the process is stopped and then repeated.

Our recommendation: Agrarzone chicken flap - automatic chicken door

There is now a large selection of different chicken door openers on the market. We had to search for a long time to find the optimal chicken flap with the greatest comfort. The Agrarzone chicken flap has a light sensor and a timer with day and weekend programs or alternatively with a closing and opening time per day. When it comes to safety, the chicken door leaves nothing to be desired: If an animal is under the hatch, the engine stops automatically. After the chicken is safely in the stable, the closing process is repeated. The chickens can not be pinched.

  • Light sensor: The chicken flap is controlled by daylight with light sensor
  • Timer: Control of the chicken door is time-dependent. You can differentiate between weekdays and weekends
  • Manual control: directly on the device or via a connected push-button

Some impressive features of the chicken flap

In addition to the basic functions of a chicken flap, we would like to point out the special features of this flap which distinguish this chicken flap:

Open and close depending on:

  • Ambient brightness (light sensor)
  • Time (timer) Day and weekend program
  • Combination of light sensor and timer
  • manual control by means of connected buttons on the device

Integrated emergency stop function

The chickens are not crushed, because the automatic chicken flap is guided only with a rope, which then becomes flabby. Once a chicken is under the closing flap, the engine stops and the chicken can free itself. Once this has been done, the closing process will be continued so that the flap can be closed.

The sensitive light sensor of the device

In order to make the automatic opening and closing dependent on the ambient brightness, connect the supplied light sensor to the device and place the sensor in a suitable place. Make sure that the sensor can detect the daylight well. The light sensor only reacts after about one minute to a change in brightness, in order to prevent inadvertent opening of the door during lightning. When the automatic mode is activated, the door is opened or closed at the set brightness. Even when using the light sensor, the opening and closing times of the timer remain active.

  • If the set closing time is reached, the door will be closed in any case, even if the light sensor still detects sufficient brightness.
  • If the set opening time is reached, the door remains closed until the light sensor detects sufficient brightness. The setting wheel in the device allows you to adjust the switching threshold of the sensor. The farther you turn the dial to the left, the later in the morning opens or the sooner in the evening the door closes.

Automatic chicken flap with slider and spare parts

Each customer can configure their own electronic chicken flap by putting together their own individual components. These are all compatible with each other. All devices are powered by 12 V DC, which means that the chicken flap with timer can be operated with battery or with 230 V via the mains adapter.

Advantages of the automatic chicken flap

  • makes everyday life easier
  • no compulsory punctual stable go in the morning and evening

Electric chicken door - the fully automatic door opener for every season

The automatic chicken door opener works reliably in summer and winter, making it the ideal door opener for chickens. You can either build the slider for the chicken door yourself, or buy a suitable slider directly from us in the shop. Please note that the chicken door does not work with self-closing doors. Our customers have had very good experiences with the Agrarzone chicken door. If you have questions about the function of the electric chicken door or problems with the setting and configuration, you will also find the manual directly with the article. You are also welcome to contact us directly, we are happy to help.