Hay net for your horse

  • Hay net ensures ideal food intake for your horse
  • Hay does not come into contact with the ground and trampling is reduced
  • Hay nets for whole round bales save you time during feeding
  • Easy and time-saving filling due to own hay net filler

What is a hay net?

A hay net is filled with hay and then hung near the ground. Through the meshes in the net, your horse can access the contents and eat the hay.

Unlike eating with loose hay scattered on the ground, with a hay net you slow down your animal's eating speed.

This ensures that your horse eats the food spread out over the day and does not cover its entire calorie requirement at once.

Such small amounts of food are ideal for the horse's stomach, as the stomach always remains active. If your horse were to eat only once a day, the stomach activity would stop after 4 hours of inactivity.

Then it can happen that excess stomach acid attacks the stomach walls. This can lead to stomach ulcers.

With a hay net, you roughly double the time it takes your horse to eat 1kg of hay. This way you ensure that the horse's stomach always remains active and no ulcers form.

Whole round bales can be placed in many hay nets. This means less work for you and you don't have to break up the bale yourself.

What to look for in a hay net for your horse

Mesh size should not be too small: If the mesh size of your hay net is too small, the horse cannot remove the hay from the net properly and has to make unnatural movements.

It may also become restless and scrape its hooves.

If the meshes are too wide, however, the animal can more easily get caught in the net and thus injure itself.

You see: The meshes of your hay net should be neither too small nor too large. In practice, mesh sizes of 4.5 cm to 10 cm have proven successful.

Pay attention to the correct height of the hay net: Your hay net should always be close to the ground. If the net is hung too high, your horse will adopt an unnatural posture when eating.

Your horse will then have to lift its head to chew and use more force to break up the hay. In the long run, this causes pain for the animal.

Only if the hay net is close to the ground can the horse permanently adopt its natural eating posture.

These accessories are useful with a hay net

Hay net filler: With this accessory you can easily refill your hay net. You simply wrap the hay net around the hay net filler and can then easily fill the net with the desired amount of hay.

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