Horse equipment for all needs in our online shop

Whether you want to compete with others in tournaments or explore the outdoors, whether big or small, we have something for everyone! So that you can put together everything that suits you and your horse, we offer the right horse equipment in our horse shop, made of extraordinary materials for an amazing price.

Equestrian sports are a matter of the heart

In our bridle category, we offer everything your heart desires, from the classic riding halters on bitless bridles to the special bridles such as cavesson, Western and driving head pieces.

Martingales, reins and other auxiliary reins can be playfully combined with the collection of bridles by Covalliero and coaches. With the fine details and stitching, you can add more elegance to your performance.

Saddlecloths are available in all colors and shapes. Whether underlaid with fur, with a side pocket for the most important utensils or reflective. With us you will find a wide selection of saddle pads for every purpose.

Matching halters and the right leg protection are also available to discover here. Whether riding or during transport. Proper leg protection is important to protect the horse from injury.

Horse blankets for every season, from spring to the bitterly cold winter, to ward off rain or insects can be found here from top brands such as Covalliero and buses.

Products for horse care

Even horses want to be pampered. This is no easier than with our horse care products. Here you can find everything you need to prepare your horse for an upcoming show, a tournament or just like that. Among other things you will find top brands like Oster, MagicBrush, Busse, QuickKnot, Aesculap and many more. ...