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Whether rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, mouse, rat, degu or squirrel - in our rodent food shop we have small animal feed for every rodent. Our small animal feed convinces with high-quality feed components and a species-appropriate composition that every rodent tastes good.

Finding the right rodent food is not that easy. Each small animal has individual needs and special requirements for a species-appropriate rodent feed. The small rodents provide high-quality nutrients with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. For the optimal well-being and health of your rodent, you will find a large selection of tasty rodent feed at Agrarzone.

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Rodent food for rodents - Fit & happy through rodent life

Depending on the small animal, rodents need a special kind of rodent feed. Rodent food usually consists of dry food, which contains all the necessary nutrients for rodents. In addition, fruit, vegetables and herbs are added to many feed mixes and thus add variety to the menu. At Agrarzone you will find species-appropriate small animal feed for:

Rabbit feed for large rabbits & dwarf rabbits - Healthy basic feed for breeding, fattening and hobby farming

Tasty rabbit food for private rabbit farming and large rabbits:

The ideal basic food for small to medium-sized rabbits is our standard rabbit food Deuka rodents muesli. Due to its balanced composition, the rabbit feed ensures the optimal basic supply of small and medium-sized rabbit breeds and is particularly popular in private rabbit farming.

For feeding large rabbit breeds, we recommend our nutrient-rich deucanin energy rabbit food pellets. The balanced small animal food supplies the large rodents with an increased energy content.

As a supplementary feed, the Leimüller rodent muesli, consisting of delicious beets, carrots, leeks and important nutrients offers a tasty change from the normal standard rabbit food.

Rabbit food for rabbit breeding & rabbit fattening:

Rabbit feed for suckling rabbits, breeding rabbits and active male breeders has different needs than rabbit feed for private rabbit farming. The high energy performance feed for breeding rabbits consists of a special nutrient-concentrated composition and covers the nutritional requirements of the suckling rabbit just as comprehensively as of young rabbits and the needs of active breeding rammers.

Variety in the breeding phase and weaning phase is provided by our Deukanin fit herbs and parsley rabbit food, which ensures the vitality of the rabbits, especially in rearing and in stressful situations. The use of our high-energy rabbit food is the best possible prevention against disturbances in the intestinal digestion in young rabbits after weaning. The use of Deukanin fit herbs and parsley rabbit food has also proven itself in the breeding chest of the rabbits. Therefore, this rabbit food can also be fed to pregnant and lactating rabbits and fattening rabbits over the entire fattening phase.

Our Deukanin base with cocc. Rabbit pellets ensure protection against dangerous intestinal parasites, especially when raising rabbits. The rabbit feed supports a balanced nutrition of your pedigree rabbits in the combined breeding and fattening.

Dwarf rabbit food for dwarf rabbits:

The best way to feed your dwarf rabbit is with our popular dwarf rabbit food cereal mixture for dwarf rabbits. The high-quality dwarf rabbit feed supplies your dwarf rabbits with all the important ingredients and is suitable for breeding as well as for hobby keeping. Our dwarf rabbit feed mixture made from repeatedly cleaned, valuable grain and pellets is particularly tasty for dwarf rabbits.

Feeding recommendations for rabbits & dwarf rabbits:

  • Be sure to supplement the dry food for rabbits with other vegetable fibers to stimulate the digestion of small animals. Hay and green fodder particularly like to eat rabbits and the like and are important components of a balanced diet.
  • Fresh rodent foods such as vegetables, dandelions and grass also help your long-ear to hold the weight and even support dental care.
  • Hay and grass should always be available to your rabbit, while dry food is given once or twice a day, in total approx. 100 g / kg body weight.
  • Bunnies & rabbits always need fresh water. It is best to change the water at least once a day so that no bacteria and germs can spread in the drinker or use a special rodent drinker.

Guinea Pig Food - Tasty rodent food for guinea pigs

The Leimüller guinea pig feed is the ideal basic feed for guinea pigs. The special mixture for guinea pigs is enriched with vitamin C. Delicious guinea pig feed pellets in combination with valuable grain result in a substantial basic mixture for guinea pigs.

Feeding recommendation for guinea pigs:

  • Guinea pigs absolutely need green feed and hay to stimulate their digestion and prevent overweight.
  • Vegetables and fruits such as lettuce and zucchini are also ideal snacks for feeding guinea pigs.
  • Since guinea pigs are small animals, you should give your darling small amounts of food several times a day.
  • The basic rule: a guinea pig should receive about 10% of its weight in fresh feed per day.

Feed rabbits & guinea pigs together:

If rabbits and guinea pigs are kept together, the rodent feed must meet the needs of both breeds of small animals. Our high-quality cereal mixes deukanin rodent muesli and deukanin natural mix are suitable for feeding all rabbit breeds and guinea pigs.

Hamster food for hamsters - Versatile rodent food for small rodents

Our Leimüller hamster food ensures optimal basic care for your hamster. Consisting of valuable grain, many raw fibers and vitamins, our hamster feed promotes the health and well-being of your little rodent. It is best to give your hamster the tried-and-tested cereal mixture in the form of 2 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon / day.

Dried vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, seeds and kernels taste particularly good for hamsters and are the ideal supplementary food for your rodent friend. With versatile food games, you can also make rodent feed more varied for your hamster, teach your hamster something new and strengthen the bond between you and your hamster.

Chinchilla food - Rodent food for the bouncing small animals from South America

In the wild, chinchillas prefer many raw fibers such as grasses, herbs and twigs. Our chinchilla feed at Agrarzone contains the high crude fiber content required for chinchillas. The valuable ingredients provide the funny rodents with all the nutrients they need to live a long and happy chinchilla life. In addition, of course, the fragrant food mixes taste extremely delicious!

At Agrarzone we have various chinchilla feed mixtures on offer to offer your chinchilla enough choice and variety:

Order food for chinchillas online at Agrarzone:

You can easily order delicious chinchilla food in our Agrarzone-Shop. Simply select your preferred chinchilla food, add the required amount to your shopping cart and send us your order. We deliver the chinchilla feed reliably and quickly to your home. So the small animal feed comes to you without long detours, but convenient and sensationally cheap.

Degu food - Rodent food appropriate for species for degus

A varied and balanced small animal food is particularly important for Degus, because Degus only eat very poor food in nature, such as grass, herbs, shrub leaves and seeds. The degu feed from Leimüller was specially developed for the balanced diet of degus. The degu food is enriched with a natural herbal tea blend and has a high proportion of raw protein and raw fibers.

Be sure to note: Degus are extremely susceptible to diabetes. Under no circumstances should you give your degu fruit and sugary snacks and only rarely nuts.

Mouse food & rat food - Healthy rodent food keeps you fit and happy

Mice and rats are omnivores, but you should also diversify the diet of mice and rats. Mice and rats need many different feed components and a particularly large number of proteins in order to be comprehensively fed. Our rat feed & mouse feed consists of a rich grain mixture with a high proportion of raw proteins. The tasty food made from corn, barley, wheat and millet keeps your mouse & rat healthy and offers the ideal small animal food for your little friend.

In addition to our species-appropriate mouse and rat food, you can offer your rodent small pieces of fruit two to three times a week. However, not every fruit is suitable as feed, as this ferment in the organism and can lead to bloating.

Particularly suitable fruit as mouse food and rat food:

  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Cucumber
  • Zucchini
  • Banana
  • Tomato

It is best to always provide a sufficient amount of drinking water in addition to the small animal food. With a rodent drinker, the small animal cage stays clean and the water is not polluted.

Squirrel food with lots of nuts - Rodent food for the cute forest dwellers

Especially in the cold winter, squirrels have difficulty finding enough food because squirrels do not hibernate. Squirrels lower their activity level in winter, but the food sources for squirrels are often limited. The squirrel laboriously created by the squirrels are often looted by other animals or are no longer found by the squirrels.

Squirrels are no longer so shy in human proximity and like to extend their habitats to our balcony or garden. Our squirrel feed from Leimüller is the ideal basic feed for squirrels and ensures the survival of the cute little forest creatures, especially in the cold winter months.

The balanced squirrel food consists of various types of grain, nuts and mealworms and enables the squirrels to stock up on food and thus to get through the winter more easily. The mealworms contained are a special delicacy and at the same time provide the squirrels with valuable animal Proteins.

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