Duck feed & goose feed - Quality feed from Austria

Our duck feed is the ideal basic feed for ducks, running ducks and geese. The duck feed & goose feed consists of high-quality feed components from regional cultivation and impresses with its GMO-free quality and species-appropriate composition that tastes good for every water bird.

Whether goose fattening or safely controlled duck breeding - waterfowl farming is not only very popular during the Martinigans period. Our species-appropriate and balanced duck feed & goose feed was developed by experts and has been successfully used for many years by duck breeders, goose fattening companies, but also by private duck and goose owners. Our duck and goose feed is ideal as a basic feed for ducks, ducks and geese and is guaranteed to be GMO-free.

Due to the extraordinarily high feed quality, which is guaranteed by the best raw materials from the region, our duck feed and goose feed is extremely popular and healthy. In order to ensure the high quality of the feed, all ingredients are strictly checked before filling. Our water bird feed contains important nutrients and is optimally tailored to the needs of ducks, ducks and geese. By processing only high-quality raw materials from Austria, the transport routes are kept short and regional agriculture is strengthened.

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Premium quality duck and goose feed

A healthy feeding with time-saving work succeeds with our Leimüller geese feed. The balanced poultry feed is optimally tailored to the needs of ducks and geese and provides the animals with important nutrients. No feed supplement has to be added to the complete feed for ducks and geese.

Our duck feed & goose feed in organic quality is the Göweil organic duck feed & goose feed, which meets the strict regulations for use in organic farms. The high quality organic duck feed is granulated and hygienized to exclude salmonella and thus to ensure the health of ducks and geese.

If you keep ducks and chickens in the same poultry house, then the Leimüller duck feed & chicken feed is the right poultry feed for you. Due to its composition, the Leimüller duck feed is very suitable for ducks, running ducks and also for chickens. Particular attention was paid to this during the development of the feed, since chickens and ducks are often kept in the same areas and therefore also take in the same feed.

Poultry feed - Lots of nutrients and energy for a successful poultry feed

After hatching, healthy and species-appropriate poultry rearing is particularly important for the later development of young ducks and fattened geese. For the first 6 weeks we recommend Deuka poultry feed for geese and ducks. The duck starter feed specially developed and tested for the chick beak is particularly fine-grained and thus ensures optimal feed intake in the first two breeding weeks. Good body development and rapid formation of a closed feather dress are ensured by the special nutrient and active ingredient of the chick feed.

If the fattening geese and fattening ducks have already grown up, you need a different concentrate than young poultry. The Deuka poultry feed is a complete feed for poultry and tastes particularly good for your ducks and geese. The high-quality and strong duck fattening feed supplies the poultry with all the nutrients that are important for a high increase and best feed utilization in the poultry fattening.

Buy duck feed & goose feed as grain feed or pellets

You can buy duck feed and goose feed as grain feed or as pellets. These types of feed are particularly important for ducks and geese because the poultry like to peck. With duck pellets and goose pellets, less food remains and the feeling of satiety lasts longer for waterfowl. Grain feed, on the other hand, leads to a slightly higher meat filling. Both types of feed can be mixed with fresh feed to get more taste for the animals.

Feeding instructions for feeding ducks and geese in the stable:

You should provide your ducks and geese with an animal-friendly poultry house that offers adequate protection from martens and foxes at night. In the duck barn, the poultry needs enough duck feed and water in a limited feed area. The feeding place should meet these requirements:

  • Sufficiently sized feed trough for feed
  • Sufficiently dimensioned water trough for water
  • The troughs must not tip over, as ducks and geese like to get in while eating
  • Easy access and daily trough cleaning
  • Clear separation between the eating and sleeping Areas

Practical products for duck keeping & goose keeping

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