Effective protection against martens: drive martens out of the house, attic and car

Once a marten has made himself comfortable in the house, attic or in the car, it is difficult to get rid of it. Cracked cables, noise, pollution - martens rob the residents of their homes and paralyze cars. Find out here how to successfully sell or catch martens.

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Recognize marten infestation

You usually don't notice a marten infestation immediately, because martens are nocturnal. If you notice taping, scratching or squeaking from the attic at bedtime, a marten may have nestled in your home.

Signs of marten infestation:

  • Noises from the attic (scratching, taping, cheeping)
  • Traces of faeces and urine in the attic
  • Remains of carrion (e.g. remains of dead birds, frogs or rodents)
  • Unpleasant smell from the attic
  • Gnawed roof insulation or wiring
  • Tunnel corridors in the roof insulation

Why do martens nest under the roof?

Marten belong to the cultural followers and therefore like to live close to people. Closeness to people offers the marten a regulated food supply and secure retreat. Marten are masters of climbing and prefer to nest in the sheltered attic. In order to penetrate inside, martens do not need a large opening - just a few centimeters are enough for them.

Already knew? Martens like to nest in several attic houses at the same time. If you haven't heard from the marten for a long time, don't be too happy: the marten may just be in another attic and it will most likely come back to you. Plan an effective strategy to control the pest to get rid of the pest permanently.

Use these methods to effectively keep martens away

Once the marten has settled down, it is difficult to get rid of it. It still works with these methods to protect against marten:

1. Make the marten entry tight: Check the attic for marten entry and close it carefully. Repair broken roof insulation. A marten can get into holes from 5 cm!

2. Repel martens with defense spray: the marten's sense of smell is very well developed. At Agrarzone you will find effective marten spray as a repellent against house and tree marten. The marten spray successfully prevents martens and tree martens from settling in the treated areas such as storage, top floors or under the hood of your car. The defense spray works like an invisible scent fence. Martens, rats or other wild animals are frightened by the smell.

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3. Catch martens with live traps: A live trap is ideal for safe and animal-friendly catching of martens. The stable metal mesh gives you direct insight into your animal trap without endangering yourself or the captured animal. It is best to lure the marten into the live trap with a piece of meat. Place the captive marten far from your property. The marten otherwise returns to the house via scent traces. Clean the attic and the marten entry very thoroughly, or other species will relocate to your loft through the scent of marten. Please note: Martens may only be hunted and caught in Germany with the appropriate authorization.

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4. Keep martens away with game protection fence: A game protection fence against martens is particularly popular in agriculture to protect poultry and small animals. A game fence (also called wildnet oder wildlife fence net) is an electric fence for the defense against wild animals such as foxes, martens, wild boars, wolves and other wild animals. Your animals are protected against these attackers by a wildlife protection fence.

5. Use proven home remedies: The marten is a very noise-sensitive animal. By placing a radio in the attic and running it around the clock, you can successfully drive a marten away. Also dog or cat hair can drive a marten away.

Marten infestation on the car

Martens in the house are usually just annoying - marten damage to the car can be very cost-intensive and dangerous. Marten prefer to nibble on cables and hoses and particularly like cooling water hoses: If you notice the bitten hose too late, engine damage can result from overheating. Did you know that martens are attracted to the engine's waste heat and therefore like to crawl into the engine compartment of vehicles?

Defense against martens: what helps against martens on the car?

Marten are repeat offenders. If your car has been damaged by a marten, further damage can unfortunately be expected. Martens mark your car as its territory and as a result other conspecifics come to leave their own scent markings in the engine compartment. The best way to remove the scent marks is to wash them thoroughly with your car and engine. In addition, you should also clean the garage or parking area thoroughly. An extremely effective method is to place a defense spray that is unpleasant for martens in the engine compartment or to spray the engine compartment with anti-marten spray.

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