Horse clipper - quiet and persistent

Horse clippers differ from other animal clippers by the shearing knives, the loudness and the power. The shearing blades of a horse shearing machine for the horse's coat develop and ensure that the shearing head slides easily, quietly and without plucking through the coat. Especially for horses that are sensitive to noise, a low volume is an essential criterion for selecting the right clipper for the horse. From WAHL, HEINIGER and AESCULAP gives spspr&a>extremely spacious models that are perfectly suited for horse shearing. Just because of the size of the animal alone, a clipper for horses must be very durable. No matter whether in battery or mains operation, a horse clipper must not overheat, even under prolonged stress.

Shearing horses - yes or no?

Shall I shear my horse? This is a question that reappears every year and is controversially discussed. The horse's coat becomes denser towards winter and protects the horse from cold, rain and wind. Is it now necessary to rid the horse of its winter coat?

Tactually there are many arguments in favour of the dense winter coat of the horse. But there are also some arguments for shearing: Your horse sweats even at the slightest strain and has little endurance. Your horse is frequently moved and the coat only dries slowly. Your horse sweats more through the thick winter coat. Standing wet and sweating in the box, the danger of catching an explanation is even greater. The remedy here is a shearing of the horse. To sum up, we recommend that horses that are moved a lot should be clipped regularly.

The horse shearing

If you already know what a shearing pattern is on your horse and only want to buy a suitable horse shearing machine, you can find it here in our shearing machine shop. The optimal horse shearing can be achieved with a powerful horse shearing machine and the matching shearing blades. 

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